Spencer’s online market carries artisan vegan products!  »

You know we love Spencer’s Market, but do you? Here’s a new reason: They just picked up my girl Ilsa’s tasty product, Nacheez!

Spencer’s Market looks like an awesome place to obtain new, gourmet vegan food products. When you set up an account, which only takes a few seconds, you can check a box that ensures you view only vegan products. You can also check other dietary needs, like gluten- or nut-free! Let’s eat some artisan vegan snacks and then brag about how fancy we are. Deal?

Rumor has it that there may be a new flavor of Nacheez out in the near future!

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Le Canot Rouge Giveaway! WIN SOME AWESOME SHIT RIGHT NOW!  »

Le Canot Rouge is the super-fucking-cutest stationery ever, featuring designed and created by a lovely vegan lady named Laura (CAN I GET A WHAT-WHAT FOR HOT VEGANS NAMED LAURA??). It launched at the National Stationery Show in May, where it was really well received, and the store known for everything insanely adorable and adorably insane, Anthropologie, picked it up. Go on vegan stationery company making it happen with the bigwigs! 

Laura describes her designs thusly:

The stationery features charming animals of the woods that I’ve anthropomorphized-–not wearing clothes or anything, ‘cause that would just be silly, but doing things like riding a bicycle, carrying an umbrella, or using a rescue ring. The intention is to, in a gentle, quirky way, allow people to realize that animals have their own lives, and should have their freedom, choices and rights without us humans bestowing these upon them at our choosing (or not).

So as not to damage the very ideas I want to support, Le Canot Rouge prints exclusively on process-chlorine-free, Forest Stewardship Council-certified, 100 percent post-consumer recycled-fibre paper because the medium IS the message. The paper manufacturer purchases enough Green-e certified Renewable Energy Certificates to match 100 percent of the electricity used in its operations.  

And the reason for launching Le Canot Rouge? So I can help make a change: 10 percent of Le Canot Rouge’s gross sales (rather than some watered-down ‘net’ business) is donated to animal welfare causes.  

So cute and awesome and responsible and wonderful! I want to make out with  that other Laura. I’ll tape it and it’ll be like watching Inception but the porn version. BOOM CHICKA WOW WOW (how do you type that?).

ANYWAY, your Vegansaurus and Le Canot Rouge is giving away a complete set of the animals to one lucky winner. VERY AWESOME. 

TO WIN, you must do TWO (really really easy) THINGS:

1) fan their page on Facebook (the website will be up and running soon! but not yet!) AND THEN:

2) comment here and say that you favorited their page. EASY-PEASY. If you don’t have Facebook, it’s okay! You can still comment below to win because we love you like that.

A winner will be chosen at random* next Friday, Sept. 17. 

*FULL DISCLOSURE: I will choose the person I find most attractive. Note to self, MAKE SURE TO ENTER!


Search for the WORST vegan product: make your voice heard!  »

We’ve taken great strides forward in recent years. Daiya vegan cheese and Gardein meat products have surpassed, by a long shot, much that came before them. But with all of these recent advances in vegan food science, it’s easy to forget the poor substitutions that came before, and how bad we used to have it. That would be fine and dandy if those products would just disappear. Unfortunately, many of them persist on grocery shelves, stubbornly refusing to update their recipes to stay competitive.

What’s your vote for the single worst vegan product currently on the market? What’s the one that needs a huge “steer clear” label pasted on it for those who have just become vegan?  What’s the one that makes you groan when your mom “helpfully” purchases it for you? Seriously, this is a public service. By clearing the shelves of all the crap products, we’re making sure that folks spend their hard-earned money on vegan food that actually tastes great. More great-tasting vegan food = an easier transition to veganism = hopefully more vegans. Right? I mean, that and we’re gonna have to stop being such assholes to non-vegans. I’m sure the reason they’re not vegan yet is because of some goofy tongue-in-cheek snark on a vegan blog. That makes the most sense.

We’ll tally the results and do a follow-up post next week.

My vote: Tofutti Soy-Cheese Slices. What’s yours?

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