Happy Hours, Movies, & Bakesales: Vegan Valentines-y Events!  »

Whether you’re in love with love or hate everyone (or both! it’s possible!), here are some ways you might wish to celebrate V-Day. 

1) Vegan Happy Hour on Friday, Feb. 11! It’s got a romantical theme, too. And don’t forget, two awesome vegan cookbook authors are in town for events so maybe they’ll be there and you can woo them with your sweet words/tasty potluck additions?? Anything can happen, it’s Valentine’s Day weekend! Let that fat fucker shoot you through the heart with his terrifying arrow. Sweet love.

2) On Saturday, Feb. 12, there’s Lovers and Liberators: A benefit for the Red Vic. The lineup is a little complicated but definitely Bold Native will be screened and Cinnaholic is providing cinnamon rolls. WHAT COULD BE MORE ROMANTIC? RSVP (?) on Facebook, Romeo.

3) Also on Saturday, attend a Raw Divine Desserts class. Make vegan desserts and them eat them off your LOVA. Or eat them sobbing under your blankets. It’s delicious either way!

4) On the actual day, go get really fat and then try to find love at the Vegan Valentine’s Day bakesale at U.C. Berkeley! Oh don’t be so selfish, fatty, it’s for a good cause: Harvest Home Sanctuary!

As far as super romantic VD dinners, It’s probably too late to get reservations anywhere good, so why don’t you cook your honey a fine meal at home? The nerds at KQED always advocate it—check out last year’s (vegan!) recipe for Heart’s Desire Beet Salad. Nothing like a beet to heat up the kitchen. That’s my advice to you for February 14. Happy love-making, lovebirds.

[“te quiero” by Imagaday; “snugglepuss pair” by shine_blitz_on; ”for a girl I love” by jediduke]

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