Fox News comes to the vegan side!  »

Am I in an alternate reality? Fox News totally jocks us! In a reasonable and complimentary way!: “Once mocked as a fringe diet for sandal-wearing health food store workers…. Today’s vegans are urban hipsters, suburban moms, college students, even professional athletes.” Now don’t get salty about the urban hipsters part, it’s alright in concert with the others.

The article talks about Skinny Bitch, Alicia Silverstone, and Michael Pollan, the health and environmental benefits of veganism, and the accompanying picture has a Post Punk Kitchen apron in the foreground. They even make a comment on the history: “Abstaining from animal products is an ancient practice found in cultures worldwide.” Yeah, bitches, I didn’t make it up!

The post was inspired by a recent study by the National Restaurant Association where 1,500 chefs put vegan entrees as number 71 on their list of 226 trends for 2011. That ain’t bad! WE ARE DOMINATING.

So, are you disturbed? Is your world collapsing? Should I start watching Fox News?


Natalie Portman gets vegan analogs of Dior shoes to wear in her Miss Dior Chérie ads!  »

Earlier this year, Natty P. was named “the face” of Christian Dior’s Miss Dior Cherie perfume. But wait! There’s more! To accommodate her, Dior made vegan versions of their shoes for her to wear in all of the ads directed by Sophia Coppola (who directed the other Dior perfume commercial that uses that dope Brigitte Bardot song. Brigitte Bardot’s music is super greatI highly recommend it)! Portman knows what she’s doing! THAT, MY FRIENDS, IS HOW YOU DO VEGAN.

You know I love when the omnis bow down to our vegan greatness! I’m glad they made them for Portman but I don’t think Dior will be releasing a vegan line anytime soon—though I don’t think I’m in the right tax bracket for Dior shoes anyway. I mean, OMJesus,* $1,000 for shoes? Damn, girl. I don’t think I’d talk to me anymore if I bought thousand-dollar shoes. That’s like a round-trip ticket to Australia!**

Maybe when you heard the news, the same question popped into your head; specifically: does Dior test its perfumes on animals? Well! According to Dior: No! From the horse’s mouth:

They aren’t on PETA’s list of companies that don’t test on animals though. However, they also aren’t on their list of companies that do test on animals. They are on as a company to boycott but it doesn’t explicitly say why. According to Uncaged, a company can state that they don’t test their products on animals without addressing the animal-friendliness of every ingredient. Dior could not have sufficiently demonstrated it or its sibling companies’ opposition to animal testing. So I don’t know, guys: They say they don’t and I couldn’t find anything saying they definitely do; I am le tired and disheartened. It’s still dope about the shoes, though.

*My new catchphrase, soak it in.
**That’s how I get perspective on prices, I measure them in plane tickets. For time, I use beers; like how many beers will it take to walk to Susie’s house? More than one and I’m cabbing it! 

[Photo from this dude’s twitter]


Vegan food at 7-Eleven!  »

Really, we know there has always been vegan food at 7-11 like potato chips and all that good stuff but this week they tested out vegan meals at 7-Elevens in New York and Philly. I was able to score some dumplings at the 7-Eleven at 23rd and Park in Manhattan for you guys. Well, for to tell you guys about. 

I was disappointed when I saw what they have, it’s just these three “Macro-Vegetarian” meals—two things of dumplings and one lo mein. They sell these macro vegan meals like everywhere and your mom’s house, that’s why I wasn’t all that jazzed. I used to buy the pad thai one for lunch at the deli near my school UNTIL THERE WAS A BUG IN IT and I never bought it again. For you pals though, I braved it and tried the Shanghai dumplings pictured above. They are all right. These things are always all right. They are like kinda good but really just kinda OK. That’s my official ruling! “Kinda OK.”

But the taste isn’t really the point! [Ed.: oh no?] The point is we vegans are still taking over with a BOOOOM. We are dominating. I’m a little worried though that this is the meal all the 7-Eleven-goers will think we vegans eat all the time; it’s going to encourage that “vegans eat crazy stuff” stereotype. What do we all think?

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