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Shmooed Food’s nacho cheese sauce changed my life. I had already been making it with cashews, but Vegan Lunch Box's addition of corn starch took it to the next level.

Out of necessity, I swapped out the mild pimentos for jalapeños, cashews for pistachios, and lemon juice for lime. It. Was. DELICIOUS.

Blend the following, adding the water slowly:

•    1/4 cup pistachios
•    1 phat (and fat) juicy jalapeños
•    1 cup nutritional yeast
•    a pinch of garlic salt
•    the juice of 1 lime
•    about 2 Tbs. cornstarch
•    2 cups water
•    a dash of paprika

When dat shit is fully pureed, heat it (while whisking) until it’s thick and bubbly—about five minutes. I made it for a party last night and after 20 minutes, it looked like this: 

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