Hey Christmas- and/or New Year’s-celebrating vegans: we want to see your hot holiday food pics!  »

HEY EVERYONE: Are you having Christmas? A New Year’s Eve/Day? How about you share your gorgeous, scrumptious, amazing celebratory vegan meals with us!

Send me your photos; please include your name (for credit!), and whatever amount of description you’d like. I’ll post everyone’s submissions over the next week. For now, get inspired with our awesome Thanksgiving gallery!

[photo of vegan spice cakes by snarkygurl of Dork Chocolate!]


Hey U.S. readers! Send us your vegan Thanksgiving photos!  »

Are you celebrating Thanksgiving on Thursday? Your Vegansaurus wants to know all about it! Whether you’re the only vegan in a huge family or having a all-vegan Thanksgiving, whether you’re cooking at home or going out, we want to see what your Thanksgiving plate looks like this year!

Please send me your photos along with a little information about them. We’ll be posting them on Thanksgiving Thursday and Friday, as well as pictures of our own Thanksgiving foods, of course. The more participants, the better it’ll be, so take minute to take a picture and mail it on over, it’ll be great!

If your prep looks fantastic, we’ll take those photos too; just be sure to include an explanation!

Please and thank you!

[photo by Si!]

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