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Yo! So I found two VEGAN creme eggs* that you can buy commercially. Or, kinda commercially, meaning that you can order them wherever you are (in the United States?). Is that what commercially means? Probably not. ANYWAY. First off, there’s VeganSweets vanilla creme eggs and secondly, there are these ones in Queenbalch’s Etsy shop!

Okay so first, the VeganSweets ones. Here is what they look like in package:

Adorable! There are 12 in a package. And here’s what they look like when you cut into them:

Creamy goodness! And the taste is OUTRAGEOUS. I loved them because they weren’t too sweet and the chocolate was rich and delicious. A vegetarian who tasted one said that they are very reminiscent of the real deal, they just taste like a high-class version. They’re also about half the size of the Cadbury creme egg so, hey, you can eat more! Or just have one as a snack and not go all Tom Cruise on Oprah. Or I guess we’re saying Charlie Sheen now? Anyway, you’ll be the opposite of those psychos. Anyway, they’re $9.99 plus whatever shipping to your house from Maryland. Speaking of, you could double up your shipping with them and get all sorts of other delicious Easter candy, including VEGAN PEEPS.

Next up! The Etsy one! Here’s the pic from the listing:

Cute! When they arrive, they’re actually wrapped in deliciously shiny silver foil, and your mouth starts to water, imagining the Willy Wonka experience it’s about to have. You get six eggs (they’re roughly the same size as an actual cadbury creme egg) for $9.99, plus $4.50 shipping. BUT CHECK OUT WHAT THESE FOOLS LOOK LIKE INSIDE:
HOT DAMN THAT LOOKS LIKE YOLK, SON! These are very sweet, almost buttery. They were a little TOO sweet for me (lie, I’m still hella eating them), but Jonas liked them better than the VeganSweets ones for that reason. Plus, cracking them open and having that freaky creme that looks like yolk ooze out will give you the same gross thrill that you get from the actual Cadbury egg. It’s SO GROSS, yet SO SATISFYING!

Okay so, they’re both awesome. If you’re into super-sweet realistic replications, go with Etsy’s Queenbalch. If you want a classier, more delicate egg that’s still authentic-tasting, go with VeganSweets! If you have the money, get both and do your own taste-test! Or if you have kids and you celebrate Easter, it would be fun to mix them up as basket treats, as the different colored foils look cute and festive together.

Oh, and if you don’t want to buy, you can always make your own! Kids might have fun doing that too or they might just hate you forever for making them work for their candy. It’s a toss-up!

Now please excuse me while I go eat both of those beauties DON’T HATE.

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