Half-product review, half-recipe, it’s vegetable soup with vegan dumplings!  »

Hey y’all, guess what I made?! READ THE DAMN TITLE! I made vegetable soup with dumplings. I totally made the soup just so I could make dumplings with it because dumplingness is next to godliness in Rascaltown. Gooey outsides with doughy insides, it’s some next-level shit and I’m ‘bout it.

I’m at my parents’ so I was basically just hunting and gathering in their kitchen for soup ingredients when I found this Rapunzel vegan vegetable bouillon! SCORE. It’s some quality merchandise, people. This company is dope, they’re all socially conscious and whatnot. They also make milk chocolate, but their semi-sweet chocolate is vegan. Has anyone tried their chocolate? I’m going to have to get on that next.

It’s one bouillon cube per two cups of boiling water, and I made about six cups. So that’s three cubes, genius. Then I was like, what the hey can I put in this dang soup? Friends, put in whatever the hell you have around (except celery because it’s stringy and gross! I said it). I found a zucchini, an onion, a shallot, a potato, canned corn and a can of white beans. TI-DOW! That’s your soup, homies.

If you don’t know, you cut all the veggies based on how long they take to cook. Potatoes take longer than zucchini so I cut them smaller. Get it? I had it at a low boil for about fifteen minutes, then you add the dumplings!

I made straight Bisquick dumplings because they are my jam. I love Bisquick in all its forms! If you want to know how to make them, read the side of the damn box! The recipe is on there. You just switch the milk with soy milk or what-have-you. It’s not that goddamn hard. Get to it!

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