Vegetarian Times 2011 Foodie Awards help you blow your dollars  »

Who else wants to work at Vegetarian Times?

"This year, VT staffers spent many an afternoon sipping, slurping, and nibbling our way down the aisles, sampling foods and ingredients old and new. We then nominated 114 products in 26 categories for our annual Foodie Awards, and asked you, our readers, to choose your favorites."

Nice gig, right? (Full disclosure: I actually do work for the same company that owns the mag, but I ain’t getting awesome food at work.)

Bottom line: VT has a big ol’ list of fancy food for you to blow your savings on. The only bummer, besides the ridiculousness of some of the categories, is that a lot of the choices aren’t vegan. Sigh.

Some highlights:

  • Finishing Salts (wtf?): Himalania Himalayan Pink Salt ”Mineral-rich salt that’s almost too pretty to eat.” No seriously though - why?
  • Rooibos Teas (why just rooibos? Because it’s snobbier and fancier?): The Republic of Tea Natural Organic Raw Green Bush Tea ”Minimally processed to preserve antioxidants and impart delicate, grassy flavor.” Mmm, grass.
  • Soft cheeses: Galaxy’s new vegan cream cheese and Tofutti cream cheese are 2 runners up, go vegans! 
  • Stocks & Broths (because that’s an actually useful category): Pacific Organic Mushroom Broth “Earthy flavor booster for risottos, soups, and stews.”

Peruse at your leisure, then make a spendy shopping list. Prize goes to anyone who makes/imagines a meal using all the (vegan) winners!


Guest review: Hodo Soy Beanery tofu!  »

If ingesting copious amounts of soy is bad for me, someone call 911 because I am likely to need an ambulance tonight. Milling around the produce section of the Whole Foods in Noe Valley, a tiny juicy bin tucked in between some lettuce and melons caught my eye. A tag sat modestly on top of the bin filled with the best tofu ever made: Hodo Soy Beanery tofu!

Yes, we are lucky enough to have this firm, white block of heaven at our fingertips hidden away for all vegan and vegetarian hogs alike. Hodo Soy Beanery uses 100 percent organic, non-GMO, hand-selected soybeans and painstakingly prepares them early in the a.m. so we can have the finished product within 12 hours of preparation! More than most of us can say, damn!

Many blocks of tofu came home with me destined to be made into crispy golden nuggets. A recipe for Spicy Banh Mi from Vegetarian Times BLEW me away last week. Imagine a crusty sweet roll, slathered with Vegenaise, sweet-and-sour marinated daikon shreds with a hint of cilantro. Then add the best part: fried tofu!

I tried making the sandwich with two different brands of tofu, and I must say the Hodo comes out WAY ahead because it is firm and filling. I challenge you to attempt to leave the fried tofu untouched before assembling the sandwich…good luck!

[Thanks to Keri Siry for this guest post and photo! Would you like to contribute to Vegansaurus? Let us know!]

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