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San Francisco’s own Veg Festival celebrates its 11th year this weekend! If you’re in the Bay Area, come on out to the County Fair Building, just inside Golden Gate Park at 9th Avenue and Lincoln Way, Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. There’s a $7 “suggested donation” that we can from experience tell you is more like an “entry fee,” though “kids,” students, and seniors get in free, as well as anyone who arrives before 10:30 a.m.

Now what, what is there to do? There are free samples all over the place, so bring a tote bag for easy storage. There will be all kinds of vendors, food and clothing and books and who knows what else! We are presently awaiting vendor information from the organizers, which we’ll immediately pass along to you!

As for festivities, this year looks pretty exciting. You guys, there’s going to be a vegan fashion show, and by “vegan fashion show” I mean “all the clothes and all the models are vegan,” but you must try to restrain yourselves from grabbing, no matter how touchable the clothes look. Be in the main auditorium by 4:45 p.m. on Saturday to see the fashions, which will feature pieces from Vaute Couture, Cri de Cœur, Reco Jeans, Melie Bianco, Lion’s Share Industries, Pansy Maiden, and Mission Savvy. Thrilling! Thrilling? Probably. Behave yourselves; fashion shows are for looking, and note-taking, and note-passing—not talking, heaven forbid, hollering at the models.

Probably you can do a little hollering, just a little, at the speed-dating in the Garden Club Room, where vegans ages 25 to 40 are invited to participate from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. on Saturday. This could be the place to admit to the hardest-line of your vegan beliefs, like how maybe you won’t wear used silk or wool; you don’t eat ketchup because of the “allowable amount” of insects in it; you’ve “always felt” that if you had a nonfatal parasite inside your body, you’d probably keep it. Trust, these people are not allowed to be terrified. Surprised, but not alarmed. Go on, find your vegangelical love match! Or fuck it, find your honey-eating, secondhand-leather-shoe-wearing life-partner—you never know! Maybe speed-dating is the (totally bizarre) answer.

This year’s keynote speaker is Dr. Joel Fuhrman, who appears to advocate a vegan diet without mentioning the word “vegan” very much. He is also a big weight-loss, disease-prevention advocate, and has even published a book titled Fasting & Eating for Health: A Medical Doctor’s Program for Conquering Disease, which is frankly offensive. He appears to have invented the word “nutritarian” to describe followers of his diet/lifestyle. He is a member of PCRM. Dr. Fuhrman is “a specialist in nutritional medicine,” but he is not a registered dietician. He’ll be giving a talk from 1 to 2 p.m. on Saturday on “Food Addiction Primary Cause of Excess Body Weight,” and that’s all we’ll say about him.

There are plenty more speakers, workshops, cooking and raw food demos, and of course the big Saturday dinner. For all the details, please see the schedule.

Your Vegansaurus will be there all day Saturday and Sunday to cover all the excitement of the Bay Area’s hottest veg social event. Angling for a guest appearance on Vegansaurus? Show up, look hot, talk up the pink dinosaur and maybe one of our operatives will take your picture! YOU NEVER KNOW!


OMFG—amazing vegan Filipino food at Veg Fest right now! (Nancy, believe it!) It’s called “No Worries” (adorable!) and a storefront is coming April 2010 to Jack London Square Market in Oakland. Check out DO IT NOW!!!

OMFG—amazing vegan Filipino food at Veg Fest right now! (Nancy, believe it!) It’s called “No Worries” (adorable!) and a storefront is coming April 2010 to Jack London Square Market in Oakland. Check out DO IT NOW!!!


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And now, our favorite cute animal picture of the week…

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