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The VegNews Veggie Awards are ON! And Vegansaurus is nominated for Best Blog! And my column, “Ask Laura” is nominated for Best Column! Well, all the columns are nominated for best columns but still: WOOHOO! So please vote for us! And for me! Or you don’t have to vote for us, no bigs, we’ll still love you through our tears. However, you should still vote because there are fantastic prizes to be won, including year supply of Coconut Bliss ice cream, a VeganTreats dessert party flown straight to your face, and a CARIBBEAN CRUISE! Now, go vote so that you can get your ass on that boat and set sail to DELIGHT!

*Maybe! One day!



Vote for Vegansaurus in the VegNews Veggie Awards  »

There was some kind of major oversight at the VegNews offices—Vegansaurus is not a nominee for “Best Veg Blogs” in this year’s Veggie Awards! Clearly, we must rectify this tragedy, and we need your help!

We are encouraging a major-write in campaign for Vegansaurus for Best Veg Blog! Our competiton is awesome but eff that, you gotta look out for number one! Let’s get a fresh face up in there and WIN THIS BEEYATCH.

Also, if you register to take the survey, you can win some super-excellent prizes like dream vacations and ice cream makers and all manner of wonderfulness. So there’s that, too!

Here is the link to the survey! You don’t have to vote in any of the catorgies that don’t interest you; as long as you vote for us and submit the ballot, we’ll all be happy.

If not, prepare for a loooong week of “Issues That Upset Vegansaurus.” That is not a threat! Simply a promise.

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