Our girl QG went to our girl Kate D.’s dad’s restaurant, Veggie Grill, and interviewed co-founder and partner Ray White about its delicious fare. Are you starving watching this video? It makes me so hungry, and I’ve never even had Veggie Grill (I know, my life is a disappointment to everyone).


A night of vegan celebrities: Farm Sanctuary throws mega-swanky poker benefit in L.A.  »


March 16, I happened to be in L.A. for an unrelated work event and got a chance to stop by Fun For Farm Animals: Celebrity Poker Tournament & Cocktail party to benefit the work of Farm Sanctuary

I had never thought about gambling as a gateway drug to vegan activism, but now that I’ve experienced it firsthand I’ll say this: It works! There were SO many famous people who aren’t reported vegetarians/vegans who came out to get photographed in classy outfits help support the animals!

In the penthouse of the Petersen Automotive Museum, celebs and normies willing to pay $200 for tickets descended on hella cocktails and amazing All Hail Kale salad from Veggie Grill, vegan buffalo wings, and other treats! Performances from Grammy winner Colbie Caillat and others took place on this really cute stage they had over near the snacks and open bar, and there were magicians and psychics and, again, loads of FAMOUS people—Michael Vartan! Jennifer Coolidge! So many more!—whom I don’t think are vegan but who opened their hearts and wallets for the animals! It was beautiful.

Images courtesy of Farm Sanctuary.

More than a few of the attendees I talked to planned to gamble for the animals and then run the L.A. Marathon the next morning. Talk about dedication! I also ran into my current favorite vegan celeb, Mercy For Animals’ Ari Soloman, who was super cute in person and grounded me while surrounded by a bunch of people I’m used to seeing on television shelling out for farm animals. If this is the future of vegan activism, deal me in!


Marketplace loves the Veggie Grill!  »



The Veggie Grill on NPR’s Marketplace

My dad was on NPR yesterday, selling Kai Ryssdal on plant-based fast casual food. Woo, go dad!

Vegansaurus pal and all-around wonderful human being Kate Dollarhyde brought to our attention to this interview with her dad, Greg Dollarhyde,* who is CEO of the Veggie Grill! Which everyone should love, as it is terrific. Look at that salad!

Click through to find out what cities can look forward to their own Veggie Grills in the near future (hint: outside of California!).

[Photo by Michael Liu via Flickr]

*[The original post misidentified the first name of Kate’s dad. His name is Greg Dollarhyde, not Steve. Vegansaurus regrets the error]

(Source: ganbattemotherfucker)


San Jose now has a Veggie Grill and an all vegan pizza joint!  »

The South Bay is popping off, my friends! Let’s all move to San Jose! JKJKJKJK. But on the real, let’s visit. 

First up, THE WORLD FAMOUS VEGGIE GRILL! Opened in San Jose a couple weeks ago, it’s the tasty bomb. Veggie Grill is a hit down in the Los Angeles area and recently made a move to Portland, too. This is our SF Bay Area first outpost of this relatively healthy and extremely delicious mini-chain! It’s on Santana Row which means nothing to me, but there you have it. I CANNOT WAIT TO EAT THERE. Until then, let’s stare at a picture of a Chicken Caesar Wrap from my last visit down South:


And there’s also a FULLY VEGAN PIZZA JOINT in San Jose! Plant Based Pizza looks to be the most delicious, and I want to eat everything on their menu. Calzones, stromboli, hamburgers, hot dogs, a million kinds of pizza! It sounds like paradise!

It’s in the Willow Glen area of San Jose, which, again, means nothing to me, but might mean everything to you. People on Yelp are all about the Hawaiian and Indian pizzas, and while this pic from their site looks like they’re not using Daiya, the Yelp photos tell a different story. Maybe they’re still ironing out who they’re going to be?! Either way, let’s check this shit out and support a vegan pizza joint, OK!?




Los Angeles vegan eating, in pictures! I love L.A.! I love it!  »

I was recently in L.A. taking meetings just to eat (lez be honest), and here are some of the really, really delicious things I ate. As usual, I turned to Quarrygirl for advice, because girlfriend knows her vegan eating, and I was not led astray. Man, I ate so much, I really love Los Angeles. On the travel panel for Vida Vegan Con (miss you, VVC!), we were asked what our favorite vegan eating city is, and most everyone said Portland (valid) or New York City (valid), and I had to be the sole voice of dissent (I’M SO BRAVE), and went with Los Angeles. Seriously, the vegan eating in L.A. has really stepped it up, and it’s UNSANE. We’ve written about it before, but here’s more. In pictures. And words, I guess, because I can’t shut the fuck up! 

All this shit is delicious and I highly recommend eating it immediately:

1) AMAZING Vegan Reuben (Quarrygirl says it’s her favorite in L.A.!) from Locali:

2) MIND-BLOWING Biscuits and Gravy from Flore Vegan Cuisine:

3) SO DAMN GOOD Fried Mac and Cheese Balls (!!!), Chef Salad, and Bahn Mi Spring Rolls from Sage Organic Vegan Bistro:

4) EXTREMELY TASTY Chicken Caesar Wrap from Veggie Grill:

5) Case of delicious house-made vegan meats at Vinh Loi Tofu. YOU MUST GO HERE:


Guest post: Eating vegan in Los Angeles!  »

My beau and I set out on a three day eating extravaganza adventure to eat as much tasty Los Angeles vegan food as we could possibly fit our mouths around.

Day one
Our journey began as soon as we stepped onto the tarmac at Burbank airport, and my kindly obliging parents brought us some Veggie Grill. We got my fave, the chipotle BBQ burger, and the All-American Stack (live out all your burger junk food fantasies - it’s got onion rings on it!!). The bf thought the two burgers tasted too similar, but I say they’re probably the best damn veggie burgers I’ve had. Plus Veggie Grill has won over many an omnivorous friend.

On Saturday, we tackled some Los Feliz/Silverlake delicacies: Cruzer Pizza and Scoops ice cream. Cruzer isn’t the best vegan pizza I’ve ever had, but it’s damn tasty & affordable, plus they’re an all-vegan pizzeria! We got it to go and ate it in Griffith park, where we were serenaded by drum circles and the carousel organ.

Next up was Scoops. Hoo, boy. Scoops always has four vegan flavors, which are all crazy inventive and wacky and ridiculously awesome! Scoops takes customer suggestions for flavors, so you never know what to expect. We got pomegramate tiramisu (I know, holy shit, right?!), banana oreo, and pear champagne sorbet. Just in case you’re some sick masochist who needs additional incentive to go to Scoops (what part of pomegranate tiramisu ice cream don’t you understand?), it’s right across the street from another amazing vegan restaurant, Pure Luck. They have jackfruit carnitas burritos! And sweet potato fries! And sweet potato fries in a jackfruit carnitas burrito! [Ed.: It looks like Pure Luck is closing. We cry a million tears]

We took a short break from gorging with the Museum of Jurassic Technology. I know, it’s not food or vegan-related, but if you appreciate humor and/or conceptual art, it’s the best tourist attraction in L.A.

Then more gorging at the beloved Native Foods Cafe. We split the Native Nachos: infinite layers of deliciousness! It’s listed as an appetizer, but it’s enough for two people to get completely stuffed. Native Foods founder and head chef Tanya Petrovna is completely adorable. Every table has flyers with what she’s up to and this month it included building a tree house out of recycled materials for her rescued cats. Come on. Plus, the bathrooms have info on why elephants shouldn’t be exploited for entertainment. Tanya’s clearly got the right idea; lure people in with delicious food, then convert them to animal rights.

Day two

We culminated our gustatory odyssey in a run-down mall in Little Tokyo. Past all the Karaoke bars and Korean BBQ restaurants lies a vegan heaven. Shojin. The restaurant itself is beautiful and peaceful. Deciding what to order was a painful and lengthly ordeal, but well worth it.

We started with appetizers: pumpkin croquettes, and stuffed shiitake mushrooms. I have never tasted such an amazing combination of new flavors and textures as the pumpkin croquettes with homemade ketchup.

Then we reached le petit mort: the dynamite roll, a spicy tofu “tuna” roll with spicy mayo and green onion on top with spicy soy sauce. It lives up to its name; it has an explosively spicy and charred flavor—incredibly savory and satisfying. We got the dragon roll too, but it couldn’t hold our attention when we had the dynamite roll sitting right in front of us.

It’s not really fair for anything to follow Shojin, but we had to keep go(rg)ing. For dinner we went to Vinh Loi Tofu House in Reseda. Don’t let the whole strip-mall-in-Reseda thing scare you; they’re all vegan, make their own tofu and soy milk, and are Vietnamese fake meat heaven. I’ve heard the soups are souperb (sorry), but haven’t tried them yet.

Since it wouldn’t be L.A. without gratuitous driving, we had dessert at My Vegan in Pasadena. Coconut ice cream, banana spring rolls, and carrot cake. BONUS MEAL!

I couldn’t pass up a chance to go to Stuff I Eat in Inglewood, an all-vegan restaurant whose motto is, “If you don’t want meat, try the Stuff I Eat!” It’s like Souley Vegan + Mexican food on high-quality acid. Case in point: the Kilamanjaro Quesadilla topped with vegan cheese sauce, organic wild and black rice, seasoned tofu, black beans, mock chicken salad, carrot un-tuna, organic sauteed portobello mushrooms, sauteed broccoli, tomatoes, corn, and guacamole.

Though we left L.A., our exercise in gluttony will never really end, especially when we live in a land of Cinnaholic and Scream Sorbet.

Katie C. is a former Los Angelino who’s forsaken the smog and best vegan food ever for Berkeley. She works with autistic kids, and gives presentations on the evils of factory farming. Check out Vegansaurus’ previous L.A. coverage here!


LA Folk! Get grub, help PETA!  »

EXCITING NEWS! At least if you’re in the Los Angeles area! On Thursday, Apr. 28, one of L.A.’s best vegan restaurants is donating 50 percent of its beverage and food purchases to PETA. That’s right folks, use this flier at Veggie Grill’s Sunset Boulevard location and they will donate HALF of your order total to PETA. Isn’t that great?!? Some suggestions when ordering: The Santa Fe Crispy Chickn’ Sandwich, the-oh-so-yummy mac ‘n cheese, sweetheart fries, watermelon water, and don’t forget the cookie for dessert. Take my recommendation, swing by Veggie Grill, order some delish vegan delights and you’ll be helping the animals. How could you say no?

This is a guest post by Sawna Guadarrama! Sawna is a Los Angeles native, a fashion/beauty writer for entertainment website

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