Please welcome new vegan athletes Arian Foster and Venus Williams!  »

You’ve heard the news, right? Arian Foster, running back for the Houston Texans, has gone vegan! You should read his Twitter, he’s being totally chill about it, just like any other person on earth who might choose to adopt a vegan diet—except he’s a famous athlete and lots of people are invested in his entire life. So it’s exciting! Welcome to the club, dude, it’s pretty great over here.

Even more exciting news: Venus Williams has adopted a raw vegan diet! Good for you, lady! Remember how Venus and Serena were planning to go raw at the beginning of the year? Of course you do, you love Jenny Bradley’s vegan celebrity news. Recently, Venus has said that she started eating raw vegan after being diagnosed with the autoimmune disease Sjogren’s syndrome. We are sincerely sorry about that, as she is a tremendous athlete, and we hope this diet helps alleviate her symptoms. Still, it’s a big week for ass-kicking in the vegan-eating world, and we’re proud to welcome another member.

Team Vegan is going to win so many more events at the next Veg vs. Meatmouth Olympics.

[Arian Foster photo by AJ Guel, Venus Williams photo by Pete Edgeler, both via Flickr]


Venus and Serena Williams go vegan! (And why this inspires me to exercise!)  »

From the New York Times article on Vegan Body Builders to the news that Venus and Serena Williams¬†are going to start a raw diet, I’m feeling like I should hit the gym in solidarity with these athletes! Not in a New Years Resolution kind of way, just in a “man, doing a crunch or two probably wouldn’t kill me” kind of way. And when I say “hit the gym”, I mean popping in a 10 minute Pilates video. What?! I’m extremely busy and also terrified of the thought of sweaty hippies in a very hot and confined space called a yoga studio. Or sweaty bros on the prowl in a gym. Actually, I’m just so very anxiety ridden about people seeing me work out.*

[The Laura dubbed ‘Super Smash Brothers’ being all cute and sisterly. As well as extremely buff. Not gonna lie, I’m jealous of that muscle tone!]

Alas, it is time to move onto people more famous than myself. I don’t know if you have heard of these sisters, supposedly they are really good at tennis — Serena and Venus Williams? I kid, I kid. Now, don’t get all mad like you usually do when I tell you that another celeb is going to try out a vegan diet. Apparently Venus is making this lifestyle change partially due to a New Year’s Resolution but also because she suffers from an incurable, immune disorder called Sjogren’s Syndrome. Yikes! She is hoping that the benefits of a raw diet will help alleviate some of her symptoms, like the inflammation of her joints. I sure hope that it does and also that she hires the right personal chef (ME!! Venus, I’m available! I have a Vita-Mix and a plethora of recipes!)

'Where does Serena fit into all this?' you ask. Well, she's acting as her sister's moral support by also adapting a vegan and raw lifestyle! Aww. Isn't it the sweetest when sister’s are besties? My sister just gave me an Envirosax for Christmas! She totally supports my cause of trying to be less wasteful! Hurrah for sisters!

*Again, I kid. I was quite the tennis player myself at 12! (White kid in the suburbs, of course I played tennis!) I worked in a gym and was a swimmer in high school, but now? The complete lack of muscle tone and coordination is frightening.

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