Cat videos are the internet. Vice finds out the who, why, and how in Lil Bub & Friendz, coming to the Tribeca Film Festival in April (and later the internet?). Hello, kitties!


Andrew W.K. and Lil’ Bub help Vice remind you that in this season of partying, there are animals in shelters across the country and around the world who need our help. Donate! Adopt! Party!


YOU GUYS. The Cute Show went to the Montreal Wiener Dog Races! In these three minutes and 13 seconds you will see racing dachshunds! Dachshunds in costume! Dachshunds jumping through hoops! A 14-week-old dachshund puppy named Arthur who was born without eyes!

The Montreal Wiener Dog races were organized to raise awareness and funds for dachshund rescue organizations; this year’s races benefitted Animal Adoption Montreal and Helping Homeless Pets. You can see more videos of the event at the official site.


Vice, being Vice, visited the Internet Cat Video Film Festival, held last week in Minneapolis, Minn., and made a full-length documentary about the entire experience. It’s called Lil Bub & Friendz, was directed by Andy Capper and Danilo Parra. We asked producer Juliette Eisner, who keeps us up to date on all of Vice’s animal videos, to tell us a little bit about her experience at the festival, and why internet cat videos are so terribly interesting.

When one of the most renowned establishments chooses to create an event about felines, that is buzzed about all over the world, we think it would be crazy NOT to go see what’s up. Plus we are obsessed with cats. Meow.

We wanted to get some insight into why internet cats have taken over the world (and YouTube). But most importantly, we wanted to meet the very people behind the driving force that is the ever-growing cat obsession: the uploaders, the cat owners, the festival organizers, and the internet geeks.

Highs: Having drinks with Lil Bub at the hotel bar. Best. Date. Ever.

Lows: The gross hippie band that played the opening set before the festival. They thought they could distract people from their terrible music with some cat t-shirts and ears. Nope.

Internet cat video people are probably different than cat people who came before them in the sense that they now have machines that allow them to share their cats-periences on the interwebz… Equally as obsessed, though, I’d guess. Helllooooooo…. Egyptians painted cats on their walls ALL THE TIME.

I am zero percent a cat person but I am 100 percent on board with Lil Bub & Friendz. Based on this preview, it’s going to be super-adorable and super-weird.

Find out more about the Internet Cat Video Film Festival in the New York Times. Watch the award-winning internet cat videos on YouTube. And get ready for Lil Bub & Friendz, coming in fall from Vice. Thanks to Juliette Eisner for talking to us.


Are you ready to drop dead of cuteness? I know I’ve said this before, but I sincerely mean it this time. Vice’s The Cute Show has MORE FOOTAGE of the orphaned wild board piglets and their foster mother, Baby the French bulldog, at the Lehnitz animal asylum in Germany.

In addition to the rambunctious little bitty piggies, you get to see some of the other residents of the sanctuary! Rescued animals! Interspecies love! You can’t handle how sweet this all is!


The Cute Show visits a guinea pig shelter in the Netherlands! I checked out the site of the “cavy village” and they say you can buy a cavy, but really I think they mean you can adopt one. And then when they say you can adopt one, really they mean you can symbolically “adopt” one of the old cavies by making a donation. The old ones get their own section of the shelter, an old cavies’ home! They call them “retired.” Aw. 

I had a guinea pig when I was little and I feel SO GUILTY about the way I treated her. She spent her life all by herself in what I now know is a gestation cage and I rarely cuddled with her. Poor Speedy! I feel terrible. When I am old and have a farm I’m going to have my own cavy-village dedicated to Speedy! And no cavy will ever be alone ever. 


The Cute Show brings you: baby wombats! OMG I want a baby wombat! Without flying to Australia though. Because I’ve been on that flight and it’s hella boring. Dramamine can only keep you knocked out for so long and my tum prevents me from boozing it up on the plane. I know, I’ll bring my baby wombat along to entertain me! Oh, Womby, you’re the best.

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