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A little while ago I wrote a review on Odacité skin care, an organic, vegan line that I think is just marvelous! I did, however, take issue with their eye cream; it was a little too heavy for my combination skin. As I was trying to wean myself off a former, non-cruelty free line, I found myself in a dilemma of epic proportions: WHAT DO I DO ABOUT MY DELICATE AND NEEDY EYE AREA? 
Enter the mastermind behind Logical Harmony (and my personal vegan beauty and lifestyle guru), Tashina Combs. I tweeted at her in a panic, and she was like “GIRL, I got you! Try Own Lifting Eye Cream!” So I did. I had my mom buy me a tube for my birthday and I’ve been smitten since. This summer romance is going the distance! (Unlike the one I had involving a human being, but oh well!)


I think Tashina does a great job of reviewing this Own eye cream, so I’ll go ahead and direct you over there, as I agree with everything she says about it! I’ll add that it’s perfect for skin that is a bit on the oily side, as it’s quite light, and it’s perfect for someone who wants their eye cream to absorb quickly. Own is a San Francisco based company —  their products are sold all over the place, including Whole Foods, Ulta, Amazon, and as well as little internet marketplaces all over a quick google search. I am also a fan of the fact it won’t cost me an arm and a leg to replace my tube once it runs out (anywhere from $15 - $25, depending on the retailer). I look forward to trying more of their products in the future!

Hey, and while we’re on the subject of Logical Harmony beauty reviews, check out her “October Empties” video. I love this concept — people show off their empty cosmetics, describe them, and tell the viewer whether they’d buy them again or not. So, a vegan doing one? SOLD! (Vitamin E as eye make-up remover? Who knew?)

I’m always on the hunt for new, cruelty-free, beauty products to try, so please, let me know your favorites!

{Can’t see the video? Watch it on!}


Baking with Blue Balls Bakery: gluten-free, pumpkin spice, chocolate chip cookies!   »

Well everyone, fall has officially descended upon us. To tell you the truth, I’m still in denial and I’m not ready to think about squash soups, Halloween OR pumpkin lattes (especially not pumpkin lattes). I’m not ready to lose the glow of my sun-kissed skin for the almost transparent color I get in winter! I WANT IT TO STOP! 

Since I can’t stop the hands of time, denial it is. But wait, what’s this? A charming baking tutorial featuring gluten-free, pumpkin spice, chocolate chip cookies? Yep, and I love it! I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact it was created by my internet bestie and future vegan bakery co-owner (we love cats and mimosas, the building blocks to any solid friendship), Amber!

Amber, you’ve changed my mind about the arrival of pumpkin season! Okay fall, I’m in! San Francisco is pretty much fall year-round anyway, the sun just goes down at different times depending on the calendar month.

Not only is Amber an extremely talented vegan baker and decorator, she’s super funny and charismatic too! Watching this video, I feel like I’m in the kitchen with her, at least until I’m unable to try one of those delectable looking cookies. But that’s okay, because thanks to her guidance, I can now make my own cookies! Oh my gosh, don’t even get me started on the one-liners! (“Speaking of wet ingredients”, holds up a beer to drink.)

Fingers crossed that with popular demand (you) Amber will start making baking videos on the reg. I heard a rumor (received a text) that a mimosa cupcake tutorial may be in the works… I hope it’s true! 

You can follow Amber on Twitter and Instagram at MonkandMao, and be sure to subscribe to her Youtube channel “Blue Balls Bakery”. 

[Can’t see the video? Watch it on!] 


Produce: for growing, eating, and portraiture! Giuseppe Arcimboldo painted these crazy portraits/still lifes/reversible portraits that were simultaneously still lifes in 16th century Italy, including a series of the four seasons. Those four paintings were later turned into massive sculptures by Philip Haas, and they are now on display through October 27 at the New York Botanical Garden. Just look at Summer!

Amazing, right? Apparently some of the vegetables—like the eggplant and the corn, and is that an artichoke?—were brand-new to Europe at the time. Get more details at The Salt blog, and let’s go visit them and appreciate their massive scale for ourselves. When the rain lets up, of course.

[Photo courtesy New York Botanical Garden via NPR]


"Plants don’t have feelings you idiot!" <—Best line from this spectacular new video, "Vegan Style," from Henya Perezz. No idea who this chick is but I like her! Let’s all dance! And make sure to memorize her lyrics so you can yell them real loud next time someone plays "Gangnam Style" at a party or something. Guaranteed to make you more friends. 


Last week, Meave asked, “Is Iowa Rep. Steve King the worst person in Congress?”. This week, Stephen Colbert rips Steve King a new one re: his defense of dog fighting. COINCIDENCE? Probably yes, but still. I guess all Steve King is saying is that we shouldn’t judge him for having impregnated that dog and then taken it across the border for a forced abortion to protect the world from his monstrous glassy-eyed man-puppies, right??? Right.



Scientists spot a rare white killer whale near Russia. 

Hello, Iceberg! And hello to all your friends! I think the only thing scarier than an albino sea wolf is a sudden surfacing of Iceberg’s PACK OF SEA WOLVES. Because orcas are amazing, but also completely terrifying, right?

[Disclosure: I work for TMN, where this link came from, but I don’t have anything to do with the TMN tumblr.]


Cadry gets a little help from her dino friend to make a green smoothie! This video is adorbs! You KNOW we love our dinos here! Green smoothies, I don’t know. I’ve never had one. They look scary. Do we have any green smoothie lovers in the crowd?


This video is of “the elusive Marbled Cat,” by Marten Slothouwer. It’s neat! it’s a little cat with a very big tail that lives in Sumatra. The video features cameos by a Golden Cat, and a tiger.

This recording was made as part of the Eyes on Leuser project, which aims to “create a visual database of Leuser’s exceptional biodiversity.” The Leuser ecosystem is in northern Sumatra, and is the only place in the world where the Sumatran elephant, rhinoceros, tiger, and orangutan all live together. Eyes on Leuser uses HD video trail cameras to capture the endangered, nocturnal, people-averse, timid animals living in the area.

The project has only existed since June of this year, but it’s pretty neat, I think. Much better to see these animals recorded unobtrusively on cameras in their natural habitat than in zoos, right? RIGHT. UGH. Check out their photos and videos and see what’s happening in a place you’ll probably never physically visit.


The Humane Society of the United States released this adorable Meatless Monday video and so I am sharing it with you because I’m a giver. IN BED. (Have been doing the IN BED thing lately so get ready) (IN BED)


Vegansaurus loves Our Hen House! Don’t you? Laura and Jasmin Singer of OHH are already BFF, and I met her at Vida Vegan Con and was awed by how ferocious and hilarious she is. A force, you guys, she’s a force. Also her hen-among-the-roses tattoo is beautiful, in an ocean of vegan tattoos it stood out as particularly gorgeous art.

This video is part of OHH’s Art of the Animal series, and it features vegan comedian Myq Kaplan. He is funny! Our Hen House is amazing! Love love love!

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