This bearded dragon is a video game wizard! Is that the old Mario Brother’s song? Or Duck Hunt or something? That’s the last time I played video games and the song sounds familiar. I’m more of a skeeball kind of gal. I’m not great at it but being great at stuff is boring—I should know! I’m so great at a great many things! But not skeeball. That’s what keeps it fun. 

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There’s a dog fighting game for Android, probably not as fun as Bejeweled  »

That’s right, a damn dog-fighting game. Super. I probably don’t have to tell you this but that is EFFED. Dog-fighting is gross. It is not a game. It should not be promoted in any way ever. EVER.

A call to action from (Breed Specific Legislation):

Contact the Android market team here and email to demand this disgusting application be banned from the Android Market.

REPEATEDLY EMAIL until they take this application off the market.

Can’t kids just play spider solitaire and Bejeweled like me? Why do things have to get all violent? Why can’t they just leave it at mind-numbing?

HILARIOUS/DEPRESSING UPDATE: The makers of the game have an obnoxious note on their info page for anyone who has a problem with the game. They say the note is for anyone “with a bug up your b*tt.” So they can produce a game about dog-fighting but not use the word “butt”? The problem with America in a nutshell!


Love this promotional patch from the Frogger-like Atari game, Freeway. Ripe for reappropriating if you ask me! Why not get a cute t-shirt?

Title: Save The Chicken Patch (Activision)
Year: 1982

Love this promotional patch from the Frogger-like Atari game, Freeway. Ripe for reappropriating if you ask me! Why not get a cute t-shirt?


Title: Save The Chicken Patch (Activision)

Year: 1982


Hunting produce with flash, eating street food with a ‘stache, making Cuban yucca mash: awful rhymes AND MORE in this Friday’s link-o-rama!  »

TONIGHT, Friday Aug. 7 at 7:30, the Street Cart people are having another get-together, this one mustache-themed. I don’t know, to me a lone mustache is either a sign of being a dad (good), or having a lot invested in your ability to grow facial hair (bad/creepy). You can check I Love Street Food’s twitter for the location. Also, 7x7 magazine wrote a little guide matching bars with the nearest available food carts, maybe you want to check it out?

Epicurious created an “interactive [read: all-flash] map" that allows you to look up the current fresh produce "in your area [read: state], plus find ingredient descriptions, shopping guides, recipes, and tips." Of course, when I clicked on one of California’s August-ripe items, figs, none of the recipes was vegan and maybe three were even vegetarian, so perhaps that section isn’t as useful. The guide to determining a fig’s ripeness and quality was helpful, though.

Get ready to get crazy because there is something happening in Petaluma. Yes! On Sunday, Aug. 16th at 7 p.m., the Aqus Cafe will show the 2008 documentary Processed People as part of the Petaluma Film Series. The film runs 40 minutes, and concerns the extreme costs attributed to consuming “fast food, fast medicine, [and] fast news.” The Farm Animal Protection Project will sponsor this screening.

Laura had the good pleasure of meeting and eating the cupcakes of (NOT LIKE THAT PERV) the delightful Tessa Strauss of That’s One Tough Cookie at the delightful VegNews office. Please check out her blog and marvel in the beauty of her creations and let her know that you would jump at the chance to buy some for weddings and funerals and stuff. They taste AS GOOD if not BETTER than they look. Also, CHAMPAGNE CUPCAKES WHAT BRING IT. Anyway, awesome. I’m not sure if I’m even able to communicate in English anymore.

The adorable Megan of The (adorable) Sisters Vegan is testing out recipes for Terry Hope Romero’s new cookbook Vegan Latina (Amazon calls the title Latin Vegan, not sure what’s up with that), and her tester photos are driving us FUCKING CRAZY with anticipation.

Are you going to SF Chefs. Food. Wine.? Don’t forget your Vegansaurus event guide! Here’s an interview with Jamie Lauren about making a hot dog. Huh.

Surprise, surprise: Epicurious previewed a new cooking game for the Wii, and the participants got to make steak! And hamburgers! There’s nothing in the article that explains what would happen if you fed the game’s judges undercooked meat—but as it’s sponsored by the Food Network, the answer is probably not “cause them to die of e. coli poisoning.”

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