Oh, Ke$ha. We’re going to quote extensively from Videogum here.

There is something so jarring about the b-roll footage of third world country people actually physically trying to save animals intercut with Ke$ha unmoving in front of her rack of wardrobe changes saying “Please join me in helping these poor animals.” Join you where? WHAT ARENA ARE YOU AT? And join you how exactly? BY READING CUE CARDS AND LOOKING LIKE LAST NIGHT WAS A ROUGH NIGHT? But like I said, so good of her. Such a powerful PSA. Good luck, puppies.

I mean, of course it is good that famous people adopt charitable causes, and street dogs are a particularly depressing and deserving group! On the other hand, if you are taking your social cues from Ke$ha, you should really look at your life, look at your choices, maybe take a nice long nap, and then, sure, give some money to help street dogs.



Site for awesome people, Videogum, has the starting lineup for Puppy Bowl VII and WE ARE SO EXCITED!! Perhaps MORE EXCITED THAN LAST YEAR? Hard to say, we just REALLY LOVE PUPPIES. Especially puppies who all come from different adoption organizations! Who can’t wait until Feb. 6? NOT US!

Who do you like for Most Valuable Puppy? Some of your Vegansaurus writers have made their picks, as follows, in no particular order (except my favorite is first because I wrote this).

Jordan and Meave like Charlie of United Hope for Animals; he’s got a mischievous look in his eye that clearly says he’s down for scrappin’, yellin’, and mixin’ it up.

Megan Rascal’s going for Calvin of Catawba County Animal Services, because “he means muther-loving business.”

Laura’s vote is for Big Red of Butch’s Place Animal Rescue, because “it’s self-explanatory. And also, he’s not a Shepherd mix, that little dude is a super-cute pit bull mix. Maybe with Rhodesian Ridgeback? God, I cannot wait to see his adorable ass in action!”

Man of few words Jonas supports CB of Underdogs!

Which super-puppy-athlete (pup-thlete? BARF) wins your vote? It is VITALLY IMPORTANT that you choose! Or at least look at all the puppies and not die of cuteness, although that part is probably impossible.

[photos from Puppy Bowl VII, via Videogum]


Liquid Sanctimony, blatant hypocrisy, fur in fashion, bunny photos AND MORE in this week’s link-o-rama!  »

Videogum does it again! Beloved pundit Stephen Colbert reads Cat Fancy magazine at the Olympic games, where he is a member of the U.S. speed skating coaching squad. We have no events for you this weekend—but there is a contest! So go enter it, and read some articles, maybe watch a couple videos, and enjoy your weekend. Vegansaurus loves (to argue with) you!

You know what you want? A bunny calendar, starring Bells, Nuage, and dearly departed Fats of Potentially Nervous! And you can win a page of that calendar (read: a quality bunny photo) by entering the PN guess-a-number sweepstakes by Monday night, Feb. 22! GO NOW BUNNIES.

More pretty photos, these from the BirdGuides 2009 Photo of the Year competition. Seriously, check out this puffin, it’s coming to getcha!

Aw, Kate Beaton did a comic about Vegansaurus’ hometown’s namesake, Saint Francis. He loved animals! Especially birds!

An Italian food writer gets fired because he gives a recipe for cat casserole, which he says is “better than chicken, rabbit or pigeon. Viewers totally freaked, to which I say, fuck you: chickens, rabbits and pigeons are people’s sweet pets too, and deserve the same respect not to be eaten. A million ways to serve bunny, but don’t talk about MITTENS LIKE THAT! Jerkbag hypocrites 4ever.

Hey, it’s a fucking fursplosion at Fashion Week! People wonder why fur is “still” an issue; maybe because designers are still using it? And it’s still revolting and entirely unnecessary? I don’t care if that coat was your great-great-grandmother’s treasured possession and a family heirloom, or if you love status symbols and it represents your triumph over economic adversity, or what: if you’re wearing fur, you’re an asshole.

Beginning in June, organic milk will be less of a mockery and a lie. Fuck yeah “minimum benchmarks,” you guys!

Did you know that Wal-Mart is the largest grocery chain in the U.S.? True! It owns 30 percent of the food retail market. And thanks to the massive efforts of the Humane Society, our nation’s biggest grocery store will now be selling "cage-free" eggs under its Wal-Mart label. Way to go, HSUS!

So not only is the Plant Cafe super-great for using sustainable ingredients in its food, but for having ultra-eco-friendly design, according to (the oddly ugly website of) Architecture News Plus.

A recipe for Liquid Sanctimony, which has nearly 30 ingredients. Said to be excellent for detoxing from “a hardcore tater tots/cigarettes/peanut M&Ms habit.”

The first-ever video of the Sundaland clouded leopard!

The New York Times' Lens blog features videojournalist Brent McDonald, author of "The Danger of Livestock Waste"—you know, that vide/article you emailed to everyone you’d ever met who still eats animal products.

OK sit down, and prepare yourself for the brilliant logic that is about to smack you in the face, direct from Smart Money: “I couldn’t even watch a YouTube video of a chicken slaughter. Does this mean I shouldn’t eat meat? Perhaps. But Nathaniel Lewis, who hosts workshops on his Washington farm, says not to worry: Most of us couldn’t bring ourselves to perform heart surgery, but that doesn’t mean it’s wrong.” GENIUS.

Or what about this, from an NYT op-ed: instead of making factory-farmed animals’ lives less shitty, let’s genetically engineer them to be unable to feel pain! They’ll still be aware of danger and so understand terror and threat of death, but when they’re abused, it won’t hurt so much. Guilt: eradicated! I can’t wait till we do this with people!!

Green Is the New Red blog has some questions about the “systemic disparities” in the application of the “terrorist” label.

If you can stand the piss-poor sound, check out this video interview with David “foot-in-mouth disease” Chang in which he opines on the costs of meat.

In LA and DC, groups are helping veterans adopt shelter dogs! Apparently having a dog can seriously mitigate the effects of PTSD.

Scientific American says that dogs can also teach people how to play fair. “[W]hen we study dogs, wolves and coyotes, we discover behaviors that hint at the roots of human morality.”

You guys, I am moving to Portland to work in a factory. For Bob’s Red Mill, specifically; Bob is transitioning to an employee stock-ownership program, meaning the workers will own the company. As though there weren’t a million reasons to love Bob’s Red Mill already.

Oh look, even Consumerist is paying attention to that cured-meats recall. Does this mean it’s actually important now?

This’d be a wacky story about a zebra stopping traffic on an Atlanta freeway, except that the poor zebra was running away from the fucking circus. We’re sorry you were returned to those animal-torturing psychos, zebra.

After its “Animal Minds” episode last month, Radiolab’s had three follow-up shorts that you should definitely check out. The most recent features a video (on the radio? what? science!) about a chimpanzee called Lucy.

Je vous présente à Antoine Goetschel, Swiss animal lawyer, and yet another reason why Europe wins.

But there’s a vegan food truck in Hoboken, N.J. called the Cinnamon Snail that’s really tasty!


Puppy Bowl!!!!  »

Videogum introduces the 2010 Puppy Bowl starting lineup!! Needs more !!!!!!!!

Why should you care about the Puppy Bowl? It is sponsored by disgusting-ass Pedigree, which is The Worst, and it’s all HEY PUPPIES without any of the HEY RESPONSIBILITY parts, which is what leads to shit like spending $1,000 on a super-special puppy and abandoning it two weeks later when it pees on the floor and doesn’t stop barking when you yell at it.

HOWEVER: the majority of the puppy bowl players are mixed breeds. Further, you cannot be a human being with a heart and begrudge puppies their adorability. Look at Jersey Boy, he is basically a blonde otter. COME ON.

Even further, puppies are objectively more entertaining than dudes in shiny outfits knocking brain damage into each other. Professional football is no Friday Night Lights, and if you need to spend 10 hours with the television on while you bicker through a mouthful of seven-layer dip about who’s the better runner or whatever with your friends, I posit that puppies both make for superior background TV and subjects of debate.

Don’t argue with me, I am on the side of PUPPIES.


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