More snow day fun with Mosley, the pajama-clad greyhound. I wasn’t sure if I’d be into to this video but then I watched it and OMG I’m so into it and why don’t I have batman pajamas? I need to get my shit together.


We all loved that video last week of the chickens in the snow, so I thought we’d like this one too! And the royal we totally did. The gist is these are some goofy-ass cows having a nice romp of freedom in the pasture! Totally made me smile (and it’s hard to melt this cold heart). They are so stoked! As Terra from Upspire says, this might make people think twice about eating meat. I won’t hold my breath but I will cross my fingers!

I don’t entirely understand what this foundation is but if you read German, you can check out their site. Google translate is telling me it’s translated and I’m like, Google translate, I’m a poor speller, but not that poor!


Compassion Over Killing exposes cruelty to turkeys at breeding facility  »

Can’t see the video? Watch it on

Happy turkey day, am I right?! 

From Compassion Over Killing:

Undercover Video Reveals Cruel and Filthy Conditions Inside a Minnesota Turkey Breeding Factory Farm

Starbuck, MN — Compassion Over Killing (COK), a national animal protection organization is releasing an undercover video filmed inside Hargin, Inc., a turkey breeding factory farm in Starbuck, Minnesota where an estimated 25,000 female turkeys are locked inside filthy, overcrowded sheds.

These hens will spend their lives being artificially inseminated over and over again — a frightening and violent process — to continually lay eggs that will hatch young turkeys to be raised and slaughtered for food, including Thanksgiving dinners. Some of the eggs from this facility will be sold to Minnesota-based Willmar Poultry, the nation’s largest turkey hatchery previously exposed for inhumane treatment of newly-hatched birds.

As our video shows, hens routinely become entangled in the dilapidated and poorly-maintained mechanical nests used to collect eggs. In an effort to free themselves, these birds often endure severe, bloody injuries on their wings, feet, or necks — some will suffer so severely, they’re unable to survive.

There are no federal laws in the United States protecting turkeys (or other birds raised for food) from such cruelty, and as is standard in the industry, sick and injured birds are typically left to suffer without any veterinary care.

Turkeys are smart, social and inquisitive birds with unique personalities. They’re devoted mothers who, given the opportunity, are inseparable from their babies. At breeding factories like Hargin, however, these hens will never get a chance to even see their young.

“Consumers are increasingly discovering the sad reality that animal cruelty is standard practice in the meat industry,” said COK’s executive director Erica Meier. “That’s why this Thanksgiving, a growing number of Americans are choosing to celebrate with a vegetarian meal that everyone, including the turkeys, can be thankful for.”

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, turkey production is projected to drop 5 percentcompared to 2012 — and that would bring it to its lowest point in 10 years.

For more information, including investigative footage, visit:


We now know what the fox says! And it’s a bit underwhelming. But oddly relaxing, right? I find it oddly relaxing. 

This is Kevie, she was rescued from a fur farm. She can’t be released into the wild because she has multiple health problems but she has a nice warm home. Glad you are doing well, Kevie. 


Ecorazzi interviewed Matt Damon and asked if he’d ever consider being vegan, considering his work in water conservation. Apparently he has: “…I tried to eat vegan and I lasted like two days. I just, I literally can’t do it.” Literally? Is this the new kind of literally that doesn’t mean literally what literally means?


Ohmagawd this is cray! A little gross but mostly amazing. Why do dogs even do that? And did you see London?! OMG I can’t even.  


This is a hedgehog named Kayak! Which is a great name because it is a palindrome. He was a sick boy taken in by the Hedgehog Welfare Society. Now he’s a superhero! Yay Kayak! Fall with enthusiasm! 


Have mercy! This video is too cute. From the New York City Coalition Against Hunger. While this is not explicitly vegan, Vegansaurus is all for good will toward humans. And cute kitty videos!


Surprise! “Humane” hatchery grinds up baby birds  »

Can’t see the video? Watch it on!

Well, happy morning. Compassion Over Killing has a new undercover video showing the true cruelty of this “humane” hatchery. I watched the video, it’s not the worst I’ve seen, but it’s really sad. Poor baby chicks. From COK:

According to Bell & Evans’ website, its animal welfare standard “insures [sic] all of our chickens are humanely raised and compassionately handled, in a minimal-stress environment, throughout their lives.” A video posted on the company’s site further explains that in its hatcheries, the newly-hatched “peeps” are “carefully sorted from their shells,” then counted and “placed” in baskets headed for their new “home.”

Sadly, what our investigator witnessed and documented tells a different story. Inside this Bell & Evans facility, where an estimated 20 million baby birds are hatched each year, our video shows chicks being treated like mere inanimate objects:

  • Baby birds who are sick, injured, or otherwise deemed unfit for processing being dumped into a grinder while fully conscious
  • Hours-old chicks jostled from machine to machine in a highly mechanized process
  • Chicks with bloody, open wounds or other apparent injuries, deformities, or illnesses
  • Dead chicks, who did not survive this harsh process, left in baskets with live birds

Watch our video and you decide – does this look humane or compassionate to you?

If you want to donate to COK, go here


Every day in New York this week seems to bring a new Banksy. Reader Erin M. sent us this video link of his most recent production. As you can see, it’s a truck full of squawking stuffed animals, and it drove around the meat packing district. 

I’m not sure what to make of it. When I first saw it, I wasn’t sure it was trying to make a statement of any sort but when you watch the video it does seem to be an anti-factory farm meat stunt or about the “humane myth,” especially with what’s painted on the door at the beginning. But maybe it’s just supposed to be silly. What do you think?

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