Via our Laura at Jezebel, some really wonderful Chilean college students are calling attention to the plight of urban street dogs. Or at least call attention to the dogs themselves. Get your tissues out, it’s a weeper.


Have you seen these orphaned baby fruit bats? Look at them, with their tiny baby bat blankets and their tiny baby bat bottles! Just look at them being so insanely cute I can’t even take it!

I was planning on going down to Australia and batnapping them immediately, but Grist says the Australian Bat Clinic, where they live, could really use some donations and volunteers, so maybe a less felonious trip is in order.

[thanks to my brother for the tip!]


It’s peach season! And Vegansaurus pal Jerry James Stone has a neat little peach-buying guide to help you get your hands on the best ones and how to store them once you’ve brought them home. Last year, my parents’ white peach tree produced so much fruit, they’re still eating all the jam they made. Oh white peach jam, how I miss you.



Adorable Girl and Puppy Say ‘No’ to Puppy Mills

What happens when you combine the cutest little girl and the cutest dog in one video? You can watch it above.

The ASPCA launched a new campaign at, where they encourage visitors not to purchase products or animals from pet stores, many of which breed through puppy mills.

Instead, contact your local shelter. You might just rescue the newest member of your family!

Sorry, I can’t boycott pet stores that sell animals (anymore); I’ve died of cute overload.


Laura Miller, down-to-earth amazing creator of Sidesaddle Kitchen has a new YouTube show called Raw. Vegan. Not Gross. Watch as her don’t-give-a-damn gorgeous self teaches you how to make mouthwatering raw creations sans any fancy schmancy equipment. And don’t worry, there are no “goddamn salads” involved!

Sasha Funk is a plant eater, juice maker and crazy cat lady living in Connecticut. Follow her on instagram


My homie Brian Liu sent this to me and boy was I delighted! Usually he sends me gross stuff. I see this is an old video of Jamie Kilstein’s standup but it’s new to me so I thought you guys may have missed it as well. But maybe you didn’t because you’re always on top of everything! In which case screw you and can you do my laundry please?!


This is Nigella Lawson making breakfast bruschetta on television. It’s vegan, but she doesn’t use that word (it’s scary!). So how do we know this even exists? Our new favorite YouTube channel, Accidentally Vegan!

Some beautiful vegan genius culls the whoops-it’s-vegan recipes from the thrilling/terrifying orgy of animal products that is (most of!) the Food Network and uploads them! Imagine serving your nervous friends and relations something vegan and amazing, quelling their fears of kale six ways by casually mentioning, “Oh this?I got the recipe from Guy Fieri/Bobby Flay/Ina Garten/Nigella Lawson/Martha Stewart/etc. ad infinitum!” and watch their faces relax, lulled into accepting your vegan offerings by the implicit promise that it can’t be weird, it was on the Food Network.

Accidentally Vegan is doing the lord’s work. Follow her blog/Twitter/YouTube and thank her for calling attention to the glory of vegan recipes on basic cable. 

[link via One Green Planet]


Duck gets a new foot thanks to 3D printing!  »


As reported by everyone and their mom, Buttercup has a new foot! When lil’ Buttercup hatched, his foot was backwards. Feathered Angels took in Buttercup and decided to get him a new foot with help of 3D printers Nova Copy


Here’s Buttercup walking on his new foot for the first time!:

You go, boy!

Keep up-to-date on Buttercup’s story by following his FB page

Via KQED’s Bay Area Bites comes this video of chef Jimmy Zhang, master fruit and vegetable carver, practicing his craft on a watermelon. Food art! It’s incredible.


It’s Paul Shapiro’s Animal News You Can Use!  »


It’s Paul Shapiro’s Animal News You Can Use! Yay, Paul! Yay, animals!

Vegetarian eating is on the rise in China, with their vegetarian population now larger than that in the U.S. And on this side of the world, in the U.S., “meat” may be becoming a four-letter word, so much that Taco Bell is now just referring to it as “protein.” The article about it notes that part of the reasoning is based on the fact that “43 percent of conversations about ‘meat’ over the last six months were negative and often included such words as ‘bad,’ ‘concerns,’ and ‘problem.’”

A big ag trade publication commenting on our campaign this week notes, “The movement against gestation stalls is international, widespread and making major gains.”

Indeed, major gains are being made, and in one state, we’re going to have to fight very hard to ensure that those gains continue. Despite nearly unanimous votes in both chambers of the state legislature and enjoying overwhelming voter support across the political spectrum, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie vetoed legislation yesterday that would have banned gestation crates. The next chapter of the fight will soon unfold.

P.S. Video of the Week: Cat or dog?

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