Vegansaurus NYC: Vinnie’s Pizzeria!  »

I went to Vinnie’s Pizeria in Greenpoint (there’s one in Williamsburg too) yesterday, and YUM! I got a small vegan pizza with Teese and broccoli and it was delicious. You can get it with Daiya too but for some reason it’s $2 extra on a small pizza and $3 on a large; is Daiya really that much more expensive than Teese? Yowza. I was happy with the Teese and the broccoli was the perfect texture. My friend said the pizza needed salt but I said he’s crazy—burn! 

And they don’t just have vegan pizza, they have a whole vegan menu!:

Pretty sweet, right? And I guess I have to go there on Tuesdays for vegan doughnuts. That makes all kinds of sense.

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