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I didn’t realize until later that I might not have been the best choice for reviewing YogaEarth's Balance and Vitality* [Ed. note: Vitality is just vegetarian! See update at the bottom!] drink mixes. I do not practice yoga, and I would not describe my lifestyle as “active” (I sit at a desk for eight hours a day; how about you?); however, I’m always up for products for the lazy vegan, like drink mixes that promise to provide long-lasting energy, 16 percent of my daily protein needs, antioxidants, electrolytes, and other healthy mystery ingredients, and satiate hunger. So here we are.

Another thing to note is that I think drink mixes are generally kind of icky (Vega shakes, I’m looking at you): they’re gritty, they’ve got fake sweetener, and they come in weird flavors (maca can kiss my ass). However, YogaEarth’s  mixes are actually good! It is hard to mix them up enough so that they don’t get grainy toward the bottom, but if you can, the flavors are light and fruity and don’t leave a nasty aftertaste. Bonus: You can mix it into tea, juice, water, (soy) yogurt, smoothies, cereals, etc.

Balance, the yellow packet, tastes a bit tart, rather like watered-down apple and beet juice when mixed; I liked it! The green packet, Vitality, tastes more like a tropical green tea than anything else, although it’s supposed to have additional tasting notes of kiwi and Irish moss. When I combined Balance and Vitality in the same drink, it was really hard to get it to a drinkable texture, so I didn’t do that again. However, I really loved Balance with hot ginger-apricot tea in the morning before a swim.

Speaking of swimming, I tested these in relation to working out as well. I don’t practice yoga, but I do exercise—in the swimming pool and in the weight room. So I followed the instructions on Balance, the pre-workout fuel: “Drink at least 90 minutes before physical activity.” Then I went to a session with my personal trainer (I am a yuppie now, guys). It was super-hard, and I credit Balance for keeping me from vomiting. Afterward, I decided to wind down with Vitality and some sauna time. I think the taste (not horrible, but my least favorite of the two) kept me from drinking too much water as I sweat my balls off, which I have a tendency to do. I didn’t notice changes in my energy, weight loss, or feelings of hunger after drinking them regularly, but maybe I’m just guilty of a few deadly sins.

This product gets good reviews not just from yours truly but also “Top 10 Dietician” (this is a thing?) Ashley Koff and Vogue magazine. So it’s healthy, tasty, and fashionable! Plus you feel like you’re doing your body a favor when you’re drinking it, so if nothing else, these mixes cause a great placebo effect, kind of like yoga (or at least, that’s what I tell myself to justify not doing it).

*UPDATE! It appears the Vitality one is not vegan—it has both bee pollen and Royal Jelly (some other bee stuff) in it. Balance seems to be OK.

The drink mixes were given to me for free, in exchange for my honest opinion.

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