McDonald’s stopped using ammonia treated pink goo, confirms they had been using it in the past  »

When we posted this picture in 2010, there was basically a riot in the comments! Some people just refused to believe this is real. Meave told you it was, but some didn’t listen. Well now McDonald’s has confirmed it: until last August, they were feeding people ammonia treated mechanically separated meat (MSM). A statement from McDonald’s:

For a number of years prior to 2011, to assist with supply, McDonald’s USA used some lean beef trimmings treated with ammonia in our burgers. We were among other food retailers who used this safe product.

So there you have it. Meave and Laura were not lying to you. “Lean beef trimmings treated with ammonia,” I’m lovin’ it! Glad to hear they got rid of it but still, VOM. Can’t believe it took them this long. Look at that stuff! LOOK AT IT. Anyway, I’m sure they’ve replaced it with a really high-quality product. That sounds like McDonald’s, always looking out for people.


So Necessary: Crocodile purse, WITH FACE  »

Reader Andi was kind enough to send in this picture she snapped at the Detroit airport:

Oh my god, the HORROR! It’s a crocodile purse with the CROCODILE’S HEAD STILL ATTACHED. This is too much. Are those the crocodile’s legs, too? Jesus Christmas. Let’s all have a collective shudder.

Andi says this is part of a display of products that aren’t allowed to be brought in from overseas. Thank god! Then again, maybe if this were sold here, it would force some crocodile purse-wearers to see the origin of their headless bags. Could dissuade some people, maybe? I don’t know, people still buy “lambskin” products. I’m like, it says “LAMB” in the title, as in “baby sheep,” that doesn’t turn you off? Crazies.

Ok, I have to go vom. Check you later. Oh! And feel free to send me ugly, expensive non-vegan fashion. Thanks Andi!

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