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Hi pals! Check me out, Megan Rascal: Photojournalist! Vegansaurus already has pretty great coverage by Brianna for your vegan travels in Paris but there’s always room for food porn, no? Yes!

These first pictures are from Voy Alimento! Just as Brianna says, it’s a very nice place and the people were so friendly. The woman waiting on us knew English, French and Spanish—she was the best! I should note however that for the brunch, there was literally one entrée to “choose” from, but it was good! Of course I got the meal deal with starter, entrée, dessert and drink—SHWEET! First is the starter; it was kind of crazy. Those are bananas in the center with agave and raw chocolate bits. Around it is spouts with some agave and coconut. Like I said, kind of crazy but yummy. Except I don’t really like sprouts that much. So sue me!

Here we have the plat du jour (Megan Rascal: multilingual photojournalist!). The tofu was kind of interesting; I very much enjoyed it. It was cold and at first didn’t really have a flavor, then had a pleasant minty taste. The best part was the blini, that thing on the far end of the plate covered in sprouts (I didn’t eat all the sprouts! Ha!). You can see the “milkshakes” we got with our food; they were actually tasty though not very milkshake-y. I got a wacky Mexican hot chocolate instead of a milkshake, it was wacky.

Here was my dessert, a sweet little blueberry goo
with a cookie-flavored cream on top.

Below we have a picture of my face! Actually, it’s me with a yummy chocolate-and-banana-filled baguette! OMG I was so excited! I went to this bakery with my friends so they could get croissants (yawn) but my friend Luna speaks French and was really great about asking if there were vegan items. I was like, no way, but they had these baguettes filled with cheese and olives, and a chocolate one!

Sorry I broke the fourth wall but the above is a more pleasant image than the close-up I got of the pastry. Trust me, it was the bomb.

I also went to Le Puit de Legumes while I was in Paris. It had a full menu with a good number of vegan options. The pumpkin soup was off the hook! But it didn’t photograph well. Sad face. Below is the plat du jour, pretty standard fair. It’s what I would expect when you go to a non-veggie restaurant, and they put a bunch of stuff together for you—I love that, but I expect more from a veg restaurant.

To end on a high note, some of the pretty Euro plums at an outdoor market.


Megan Rascal.


A vegan in Paris, part two! (the make-you-super-jealous edition)  »

Voy Alimento
23 rue des Vinaigriers
Open weekdays from noon to 2 p.m., weekend brunch from noon to 6 p.m.
Every once in a while, you step into an establishment and you just put your hand on your heart and swoon and feel good about the world. Voy Alimento is one such place, nestled in the 10ème arrondissement of Paris. It’s a shop that sells supplements and specialty food products native to the South American continent. They also serve COMPLETELY VEGAN (not one of those half-assed vegetarian-with-vegan-options kinda joints) lunch from a modest kitchen. I think what was amazing about this place is it’s really unlike anything I have ever seen or experienced, and it’s done well—superbly, even.

Pictured above is who I believe to be the owner in the kitchen. Not only was he really knowledgeable about what he was serving me, he was super-excited to engage in conversation with me about the food. He went on to describe everything on my plate (a bunch of which I forgot, because there were like a thousand ingredients and he was talking in French):

In the center, curried rice with a spirulina-based sauce. Two side salads of alfalfa sprouts, bean sprouts, carrots, and red sprouts of some sort. At the top, a melange of sauteed veggies, including red peppers, zucchini, onions, and aguaymanto. He was nice enough to bring out three extra sauces for me to try to shovel atop the already delicious and flavorful food. So yummy.

I couldn’t resist getting something on the menu labeled milkshake (it’s a rarity in Paris). I opted for bananas in mine for an extra euro (a small price to pay for deliciousness); you can choose to have your shake with maca or klamath. I chose maca because it promotes mental and physical vitality and regulates hormones. Surrounding the fucking delicious shake (that has an oat milk base, if you were curious) are more of those yummy aguaymanto berries and yacón (which kind of tasted a bit like dried mangoes).

So when I was done with my meal, the kind man asked if I wanted to try dessert. Still enthralled by this completely foreign cuisine, I was like FUCK YEAH. And he was nice enough to offer to let me try a taste of the two types of desserts offered so I could make an informed decision. I chose correctly, a cacao-based pudding. The cacao nibs were ground up and provided a coffee-grounds kind of texture, but so much richer and lovelier. Adorned with beurre de cacao around the edges. Topped with an aguaymanto berry and some more of those yummy dried yacón.

Despite being full as fuck (and having finished EVERY LAST MORSEL I JUST SHOWED YOU FUCKERS), the owner/nice man offered me a free tasting of Xocolatl, what chocolate (supposedly) tasted like 5,000 years during the Aztec civilization (a 3,5€ value, on the house). It was a hot drink and looked a lot like hibiscus tea, but tasted like… spiced chocolate. Comprising cacao nibs, urucum seeds, bird’s eye chili, cinnamon stick, and white and black peppercorns, and then sweetened with agave, it’s the original Mexican hot chocolate. They sold a “kit” for this drink for 5€ which I had to get.

This restaurant is a Parisian gem. I still can’t believe how fucking amazing this place is, and I recommend you all visit (and everyone on Happycow agrees with me). I spent probably two hours enjoying the food and examining their wares and talking with the owner/kind man (in Franglish, though his English was way superior to my French). I guess what really struck me about this place is how full of love all of the food is, definitely my favorite food of my entire trip thus far. And I doubt I will ever get the chance to try food from a similar establishment. And neither will you, unless you visit.

[all photos by Brianna!]

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