Saving seahorses: barehoofed and pregnant   »

It seems that seahorses, my favorite sea creature with the head of a mammal, are in danger! According to the BBC, they are being traded on the underground market, used for icky medicines and threatened by pollution. This will not stand! The Anglesey Sea Zoo (zoos blow, but this is a good cause so I don’t know) in north Wales is dedicated to preserving these guys (btw, Megan is one of the most popular names for girls in Wales. It’s usually the first- or second-most common baby girl name each year. BOO-YA). The owner of the zoo has been breeding seahorses for a while but had trouble breeding the local species, but things are looking up! “He said that despite initially breeding hundreds of the creatures, none of them survived, until this year when 150 seahorses thrived.” THAT RHYMES. Oh BBC, you and your lyrical prose.

[Image by Nick Hobgood, wikimedia commons]

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