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Hi everybody! Gene Baur (!) sent us this handy list about Farm Sanctuary’s Walk for Farm Animals. The SF Walk for Farm Animals is October 13th, who’s going to be there? Gene is! You can be there too, there is still time to sign up. I also want you to know that the cow in the picture above is named Meg. Twinsies! 

Top 5 Reasons to Walk for Farm Animals

1. Meet other people who care about animals! The Walk for Farm Animals brings together a compassionate community of individuals who support Farm Sanctuary’s efforts to rescue abused animals and advocate on behalf of millions more.

2. Support Farm Sanctuary—the largest farm animal rescue and protection organization in North America! Every dollar raised directly supports Farm Sanctuary’s life-saving work.

3. Fight factory farming! 96% of Americans oppose cruelty to animals and have no idea that animals are abused on factory farms. The Walk for Farm Animals educates the public about the horrors of industrialized agriculture.

4. Give animals a voice with every step you take! Farm animals can’t speak for themselves—be their voice and advocate on their behalf.

5. Make a difference and have fun! The Walk for Farm Animals features free vegan food, live music, pre-Walk yoga, and much more!

If you can’t make it to the SF one, check the site for when the walk is in your city. It’s in NYC on October 20th! If there isn’t one in your area or you’re a lazy bones, you can participate in the Sleep In for Farm Animals on November 3. That’s my kind of party! 

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