Support Walk for Farm Animals and get some cakeballs!  »

One of our favorite commenters, Mandy Brown, is participating in Farm Sanctuary’s Walk for Farm Animals! But that’s not all: Anyone who donates $10 or more on Mandy’s page will get a dozen homemade vegan cakeballs. That’s right! I’m so happy that cakeballs are a thing now, right? 

Above are last week’s chocolate-banana cakeballs. What’s this week’s flavor, you ask? Well, the first person to donate this week will get to pick the flavor! The first person of the week to donate $10 or more gets to decide the cakeball flavor for everyone. FUN!

Bonus: the sugar will be organic and vegan, the chocolate will be fair-trade, and Mandy’s kitchen is gluten-free, so they’re celiac safe. Yay!

To donate, check out Mandy’s page. There’s a pic of a cute baby pig!


Guest contest: Donate to win a beautiful portrait of a farm sanctuary animal!  »

Sharon Lee Hart is the author of the photography collection Sanctuary: Portraits of Rescued Farm Animals, and a participant in this year’s Farm Sanctuary Walk for Farm Animals, for which she’s asking for your help fundraising. If you help, you could win a 16-by-16-inch photograph of your choice from Sharon’s book. Take a look—they’re beautiful!

Sharon says it’s as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Donate $10 or more to support me in the Walk for Farm Animals; 100 percent of the funds raised go to Farm Sanctuary. Make sure you include your email address so I can contact you if you win.
  2. Wait: I will chose one winner at random from those that donate between today and Sept. 30. I will contact the winner no later than Oct. 5 and ask them to select the photograph they would like from my website.
  3. I will print your chosen photograph with the finest archival materials, expertly package it up, and ship it off to you in a timely manner.

Want to know more about the book? Sharon can tell you all about it!

This first monograph by Lexington–based photographer Sharon Lee Hart is a book of dignified black-and-white portraits of rescued farm animals, accompanied by handwritten stories by sanctuary workers. A long term vegetarian turned vegan, Hart considers farm animals “some of the most abused, overlooked animals on the planet.”

For this project, she traveled to sanctuaries in Virginia, Florida, Maryland, Michigan and New York State to document “the lucky few who are free to live out their lives in peace.” Not surprisingly, after spending time with the animals she discovered that each had its unique personality. “Some are quirky or funny, while others sensitive, shy, playful, intelligent, mischievous, or inquisitive. And all seemed to have complex emotional lives.”

These characteristics come through in Hart’s poignant photographs. Essays are by Karen Davis, president of United Poultry Concerns; Kathy Stevens, founder of the Catskill Animal Sanctuary; and Gene Baur, founder of Farm Sanctuary.

So donate some money and try to win a photo! Megan Rascal loves this photo of Dee Dee the donkey, of Star Gazing Farm; I’m partial to this portrait of SASHA Farm's Rainy. I love a shaggy horse!

Check out all the photos in Sharon’s book! Best of luck to Sharon and all the participants in the Walk for Farm Animals, and everyone who donates to win a portrait.


Farm Sanctuary’s Walk for Farm Animals NEEDS YOU!  »


Farm Sanctuary’s Walk for Farm Animals is an amazing thing. Basically, people sign up to walk and then get sponsors and all the money goes to animals rescued from factory farms and to educating the public about said farms. Important stuff! Starting September 10th and going through November 6th, the walks take place all over the U.S..

To find a walk near you or to start a walk of your own, check this out! The San Francisco walk is on November 6th in Golden Gate Park and you can join or donate here! They want to raise $50,000 and they’re just over $5,000 so let’s step up our game, bay area! If we all join and solicit* monies from the Scrooge McDucks in our lives, we can actually hit that goal! 

If you can’t get your lazy ass out of bed, you can also SLEEP IN FOR FARM ANIMALS! Man, Farm Sanctuary makes it so easy to be a good person. I will totally sleep in and then take a bubble bath and have a large pancake breakfast FOR THE ANIMALS. 

So get on it! Every penny goes to Farm Sanctuary and right now, they realllllly need the money. Let’s be generous, it’s the HOLIDAYS (It’s true! The Walgreens candy aisle told me so!). 

*And by solicit, I mean thieve from because we all know Scrooge McDuck ain’t giving up shit!

(that goat is sleeping in for his fellow animals! he ain’t walking NOWHERE.)


Farm Sanctuary’s Walk for Farm Animals NEEDS YOU!  »

The Berkeley chapter of Farm Sanctuary’s Walk for Farm Animals needs walkers to raise money and awareness by busting out their walking/running/dancing (hey! why not!) shoes! It’s a great way to meet other (crazy? non-crazy? it’s a crap shoot!) vegans, get some exercise (WHAT’S THAT! WHO’S HE!?), and raise money for an awesome cause.

I know, you wish it was a bakesale/walk to a/nother/bakesale but we can only fatten you so much. Wait, hold the phone, how amazing would that be? One Faturday we need bakesales stationed along the city, and you run between then, replenishing with cupcakes instead of water. OMG GENIUS. First person to not die, wins! Kinda like the vegan Hunger Games.* Kinda. Until then, make it happen at the Walk for Farm Animals. C’mon, do it for Kim Gordon (CLICK THAT FOR A SURPRISE!).

*I wanted to link to Meave’s review of The Hunger Games on goodreads here because it’s so delightful but I couldn’t figure it out. STUPID INTERNET! STUPIDER LAURA! However, if you know what’s good for you (or just want to find your next favorite book, or learn about Agatha Christie’s entire [Ed.: mystery] canon—from fully sane racist to fully demented racist, or just read the best book reviews ever), check her out


Farm Sanctuary’s Walk for Farm Animals!  »

The Walk for Farm Animals is an amazing thing. Basically, people sign up to walk and then get sponsors and all the money goes to animals rescued from factory farms and to educating the public about said farms. Important stuff! The walks take place all over the U.S., and the San Francisco walk is happening this Saturday, Oct. 24 and we want to help fellow bay area bloggers/badass vegan sisters, The Sisters Vegan, raise some mickey fickey funds for the animals!

They’re currently at $105 in donations and they want to make it to $250. Let’s get them there or even PAST THAT! Every penny goes to Farm Sanctuary and right now, they realllllly need the money. Let’s be generous, it’s the HOLIDAYS (It’s true! The Walgreens candy aisle told me so!). Donate here today!

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