Subway’s New DC Vegan Offerings: The WaPo Has a Review!  »

Only people in the DC area are getting to enjoy Subway’s new line of meaty vegan sandwiches. I was wishing I had a teleportation machine a couple weeks ago when I had to pay a dollar extra for some measly squeeze-bag avocado on my salad-on-a-bun at a gas station in Pine Junction, CO. Yes, I’d love some Daiya with that whine.

Lucky for Andrea Sachs, she’s in the area, and she’s got the full low-down on her experience over on the Washington Post’s All We Can Eat blog. My summary: They’re about what you’d expect from Subway. But way better than salad-on-a-bun.

I’ll be in DC in October, so maybe I’ll get to try them myself. Until then, let’s keep lobbying Subway to bring these nationwide! Hot dog!


Here’s the video from an awesome Ringling protest in D.C. I’m so hype on this projection idea! I don’t care if it means there will be aborted fetuses on the side of Planned Parenthood (I’m pretty sure that’s what it means). Still, this RULES. We SHOULD show those circus goers what is ACTUALLY happening in the “greatest show on earth!”

Here’s the video for the FBI protest the narrator mentions. So awesome. I miss D.C.!


Vegansaurus Quickie: Washington, DC!  »

I couldn’t go back to the east coast and not make a trip to DC. So, gosh darn it, that’s what I did! I only had time for a 24-hour whirlwind visit but of course I had time to go to Sticky Fingers! You may have heard of the all-vegan bakery in D.C., as certain Vegansaurs are a wee bit obsessed!!! with the place. There’s even an interview with the creator of their cute (badger?) logo! Ob. Sessed.

Don’t worry guys! You would have been proud! I spent $35 on pastries. YES I DID!

The bakery is in a different location then when I lived in D.C.; now they have this whole cafe thing going on, with brunch and everything. Pretty effing fantastic.

I also managed to stop by my friend Nick’s new wine bar, Room 11, for dinner. Score! They totally make vegan versions of their specials, you just have to ask! Check out this action: VEGAN BRUSSELS SPROUT PANZANELLA. Holy cannoli! It was awesome. And panzanella is fun to say. Then I had a yummy veganized risotto and proceeded to get SHWASTED because that’s just how I roll.

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