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So vegan watches, you can’t get leather bands so you either have to get a metal one or a plastic one. Basically, you’re going to look like a banker or a kid (when in that dilemma, always go with kid. JK, big ups to vegan bankers). But wait! There’s another option! Wood watches from Jord


This was pretty perfect for me as I love wood everything. Well, danish modern wood furniture. And now I love wooden watches too! Jord sent me the Ely in black (pictured above. It’s not actually black as you can see) for free to review and I have to say I’m enamored. It’s very well made and so handsome! So, so handsome. 

And guess what! We are giving away one Jord Ely watch in black to a lucky Vegansaurus reader! To enter, answer this question in the comments section: What is the best time of day? (If you say 4:20, you will be disqualified.) We will pick a winner next Thursday around 5pm Eastern so enter before then. FB comments don’t count! Ok, go!


Vegan watch round-up: the omnivore favs!  »

You know how the omnivores are always like, “OMG, it must be so hard being vegan!” When really, I’m like, “dude, those greasy potato chips you are enjoying are totally vegan.” Yeah, the omnivores are always doing vegan stuff and they don’t even know it! Like yesterday, I’m sitting around with some omnis when I notice they are all wearing vegan watches! Of course I had to tell them about this!

Ok, maybe people don’t think about watches when they think of things to avoid as a vegan but if you don’t want one of those giant, clunky silver ones, it can be hard finding a watch with a non-leather band. Sure, you can buy a Hello Kitty Swatch or something, but I’m talking grown-up watches! Of course the watch search is also doubly difficult for me because I can barely read analog watches, so I stay strictly digital. I finally solved my problem when I got this beautiful gold (-colored!) Timex from my sister last Christmas.

So digital, baby! Oh, an do not fear, my pals, that is not my hairy arm. I let my friend Kev borrow my watch because he, like all the omnivores, is always sweating my style, and I am as charitable as I am fashionable.

So Kev was wearing my vegan watch but then I look over and my friend Lizzy is wearing this piece of dopeness by Puma (left).

I have to tell you, if Lizzy weren’t 10 times stronger than me, this  bad boy would be all over my wrist right now. Shew!

Lizzy’s is by far my favorite but my friend Jessica was sporting this sweet little Casio number (right).

Pretty cute, right? And very smart.

I also had lunch with my brother yesterday when I notice even he’s got a lovely vegan watch! It’s this baby from J. Crew, except his has an army-green strap. It’s pretty hot and simple. He’s stylish like his little sister! He also makes a mean vegan pizza. He’s the best!

I’ve also seen some sweet all-metal vintage watches. I don’t know why they aren’t as popular nowadays, but there are some superfly vintage gold watches out there. And you know me, I love the gold! Gold, gold-colored, I like it all. Go on eBay—ever heard of it?—they’ve got lots of nice gold vegan watches just waiting to caress your wrists! Freaky. But for real, keep an eye out for vegan watches! I love telling the omnis when they’re doing vegan stuff, it gives them some perspective!

[photos of watches in action by Megan Rascal; still images from Puma and J.Crew, respectively]

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