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Weather Puppy is a new app that tells you the weather…with cute puppies! It’s basically a picture of a puppy that more or less matches the weather BUT it has all the vital weather forecast info you need. Above was NY’s weather as of this morning (yes, I woke up at 4am and couldn’t get back to sleep. Now I’m at work. Shoot me in the face). Below is SF’s weather, you can see the details that drop down when you click the day or temperature. 

The best part: they partner with all these rescues! That’s why I initially noticed the app. Here’s what they had to say when I asked about that:

We’re helping the non-profits’ causes with free promotion and have structured a way of letting them fundraise via the app by selling their own themes within it(sort of how they typically sell annual calendars). In addition, once in a position to do so (we’re a tiny startup at the moment) we hope to donate to our partners as well!

The first group they partnered with was Paws4You Animal Rescue in Miami and they’ve since added the Pennsylvania SPCA (where my Figgy and Mitsy are from!), San Diego Humane Society (CA), Austin Humane Society (TX), Tampa SPCA (FL), Broward Humane Society (FL), Lucky Dog Animal Rescue (DC), Animal Humane New Mexico, Animal Haven Shelter (NY) and Mohawk Humane Society (NY). 

It’s currently free with two themes included. You pay like .99 for other themes, including one you can customize with your own dog. So, do you need this app? Maybe not. But if you check the weather on your phone, as many of us do, this is an upgrade for sure! And at free, the price is right. 

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