Watch bald eagles being born  »

It’s right here, on webcam. Three eagle chicks are expected to hatch sometime in the next three days. Wired has full info on the lucky bird family. The webcam is available to watch day and night, thanks to infrared.

It’s almost like watching our great nation itself being born. Relive the thrills and chills (and spills!) our humble forefathers felt.

[Thanks, Rachel!]


Finch Cam!  »

Live Broadcasting by Ustream

All week I’ve had these two birds hanging out outside my office window (literally two feet from my desk) hanging out in the overgrown ivy and twittering the old-fashioned way. These industrious (and romantic!) fellows are house finches, and they are a mated pair, building a nest!

Today I remembered we had an old iSight laying around from before they were built into every computer. And I’ve been watching it ever since! Before I hear any complaints, yes this is the best angle I could get. And I don’t want to stick my hand out there to move the ivy aside and risk disturbing them more than I already have. But I figure once they lay some eggs in their new home this angle will be ideal.

The finches (Mr. and Mrs. Atticus) seem to be most active in the morning: flying around gathering nest material, and hanging out singing on the nearby telephone wire. Then they disappear from 1:00 or so on. Where do they go? Happy hour??


WHO’s watching WHO??  »

Haven’t you always wanted to spy on some owls? Those sneaky fuckers have it coming after all, am I right? They’re always swooping down on unsuspecting prey, silent like ninjas—turnabout is fair play!

Actually, though, this is the cutest thing. These guys are newly hatched and there are more eggs about to hatch any day. I can’t figure out where this webcam is broadasting from, though, anybody have more info?

Thanks, Mark!

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