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[Your adorbs viral animal video of the week. This looks like my dog but he’s way better at piano!]

First, I would like to congratulate our Malcolm Fontier wallet giveaway winners!: JKid and Samantha M! But really you are all winners and we will have many more giveaways in the future.

In exciting mainstream news, CNN has a fairly positive piece about young vegans and vegetarians! We’re taking over!

Can slaughter house pigs benefit from Ikea toys? What about not being in slaughterhouses? Would that help at all?

Ever wonder what’s in the McRib? 70 ingredients! Including a “bleaching agent!”

Be sure you pay attention to Farm Sanctuary’s twitter today because it’s got a lot of great info from the Factory Farming Conference. By “great” of course I mean disturbing. 

Did you know it’s National (Vegan) Chocolate Day?! We must celebrate!

In San Francisco news, some fuckers shot a hawk with a nail gun. It’s being treated for injuries now. WHYYY?

Humpback whale populations are rebounding slightly better than we thought! Congrats, humans.

Here’s a really crazy/interesting piece the Humane Society alerted me to: Ag’s go-to messaging not resonating. It seems people don’t trust Big Ag! I can’t imagine why!

Hey, fish-eaters! Do you diligently select fish species that are low in mercury and not in (as much) danger of over-fishing? Good luck with that! Consumer Reports has a new study, Mystery Fish, that’s going to put a snag in your plan. 

As always, don’t forget to read Laura’s Week in Vegan! It’s always chocked full of good shiz. 


You know I write the Week in Vegan over at SF Weekly, right?  »

 I mean, I tweet about it a-fucking-nough. Anyway, here’s a tidbit from today’s masterpiece:

Madeline Pickens, the wife of T. Boone Pickens, billionaire energy tycoon and man with the world’s best name, is on a mission to save wild horses from complete devastation. You see, cattle ranchers claim the horses are eating all the grass and drinking all the water that’s meant to fatten up cows for slaughter. OH BOO FUCKING HOO! You go on, rich powerful lady, fuck shit up. You’re fighting the good fight, your hair is fierce, and I want me a pair of those cowboy boots in size vegan clubfoot. WHAT? I CAN’T BE PERFECT.

You can read all that AND SO MUCH MORE in every Friday’s Week in Vegan! Plus, sometimes there’s a special edition where vegan candy bars fly from the screen and hit you in the nuts. SO FUN!

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