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No, this is not some incredibly hot gay porn (but if it is, please let me know! Gay porn is the hottest porn!) but instead, a vegan sausage cart run by two permit-eschewing vigilantes and their fat dog in San Francisco’s Dolores Park on the weekends. You get a hot Field Roast sausage in a yummy organic bun, homemade condiments, and Kettle Chips for $5. They also have really fantastic homemade lemonade and sometimes, cookies(!!!). They are in Dolores Park, near 18th and Dolores Streets on Saturdays and Sundays from around 1 to 6 p.m. PLEASE BE WARNED, this is not guaranteed as these bitches are unpredictable and operating hella illegally. But it’s still worth it to check it out because if it doesn’t work out, there are lots of places to grab vegan eats around Dolores Park (I will compile a thorough list and link to it at some point in the near future) and then sit in the grass with all the other assholes. Oh, and you can watch the hippies doing gross ol’ partner yoga and tossing around those fucking hippie sticks and playing hacky sack and shit.

In conclusion, the only bad thing about this cart is that it’s not parked on my face. In other words: I want to eat it out. With Vegenaise.

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