Louro in New York is hosting a vegan dinner on October 15!  »

imageMushroom and nori soup dumpling!

Emily Chapman is a sous chef at Louro, and though she’s not vegan, she’s into vegan food. That’s why she’s written a six-course vegan tasting menu that Louro is hosting on Wednesday, October 15!

"I believe that being a vegan is a completely misunderstood lifestyle," she says, "So with this dinner I’m trying to showcase to everyone, while catering to vegans/vegetarians, that a vegan lifestyle can be delicious and just as good as ‘normal eating.’" Now, of course, to us vegan eating is "normal eating," but when omni chefs are going out of the their way to cater to us, who are we to quibble over semantics?

Emily says everything is made “in-house from scratch, start to finish,” and it sounds amazing. Check out the menu!

Falafel, harissa sauce

"Carrots and Celery"
agave ginger roasted carrots, celery kimchi, sesame rice crackers, soy glaze

Mushroom & Nori Soup Dumplings
black vinegar

black pepper orecchiette, turnip green pesto, roasted kohlrabi, turnip purée

Roasted Acorn Squash
smoked barley, mustard greens, grilled fennel, apple mustard

"Loaded Potatoes"
oven baked potatoes, charred chilies & onions, black bean purée, “sour cream”

Caramelized Pumpkin
pecan butter, toasted marshmallow fluff, cranberry syrup

Doesn’t that sounds SO GOOD? So perfectly fall! Also: “pecan butter, toasted marshmallow fluff, cranberry syrup” is this heaven?

Emily’s Vegan Is Good dinner begins at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, October 15 at Louro, 142 West 10th Street (between Waverly Place and Greenwich Avenue) in the West Village. Dinner is $55 per person and is BYOB and single seating. To make reservations, call Louro at  212.206.0606.


Sorbet review: Dolce Gelateria in the West Village!  »


Megan: Meave and I got free sorbet at Dolce Gelateria in West Village! Because we are the coolest vegans! All of their sorbets are vegan (though I don’t know their sugar source) and they have lots of flavors: lemon, mango, chocolate, cantaloupe, peach, strawberry, and more.

Meave: We were secretly hoping the olive oil gelato (below, middle of the back row) would be vegan, but no. Still, there are tons of vegan sorbet flavors, and in the gelateria tradition, they’re all really beautiful.



Megan: I’m always ragging on sorbet because you know it’s our only option for dessert at 99 percent of non-vegan restaurants. But they had chocolate sorbet! If every restaurant had chocolate sorbet, I would never complain again (about sorbet, everything else is still up for scrutiny). So obvi I had to get the chocolate because I never see it and additionally: CHOCOLATE SORBET. I also got strawberry.

The strawberry was good, not too sweet and nice and refreshing. And the chocolate was great! I kept asking our host like, “is this really vegan? Yeah? Really? Can you check the ingredients? You’ll check those for me, right?” So she did—water, sugar, chocolate. BAM! Vegan! How happy am I? (HINT: SUPER HAPPY). In summary: I. Want. More. Additionally: CHOCOLATE SORBET.

Meave: Yeah, sorbet on its face isn’t really exciting anymore, but when someone offers us free sorbet, we aren’t too good to turn it down. Plus it’s sooooooo hoooooooooot, saying no to cold desserts would be dumb. I got mango and cantaloupe, because I love both those fruits but I have been way too lazy to buy and prep them this season. Why not let someone else mix them with water and sugar and whip them into a creamy vegan treat?



Meave: Gorgeous, right? Megan wasn’t into it (“Why did you get the two fruits I hate?” she said), but I thought the flavors were as bright and summery as the colors. I’m also really into Dolce’s style of putting the flavors side by side instead of one on top of the other. The whole point of having two scoops is tasting them individually AND together, plus this way they melt evenly, so you’re not eating the top flavor at peak cold while the bottom flavors turns into sorbet soup underneath it. All other cold dessert places need to get it together.

Dolce Gelateria is located at 33 Barrow Street in the West Village. They don’t seem to have hours posted anywhere, but they’re on Yelp. We ate this gelato for free.


Guest post: Vegansaurus NYC: Red Bamboo is delicious!  »

Go to Red Bamboo. GO NOW!

This is what it looks like.

I’m pretty sure those two people aren’t always there so don’t consider them a landmark.

I have been fairly interested in having a big meal at this establishment ever since I’d first heard the buzz. One of my louder vegan pals had raved about one of their burgers declaring it the NYC faux-meat mecca; I raised my eyebrow.

I invited my friend, Michael, he’s a lovely vegan and also a lovely person, and we had  great time. The ambiance is pleasant and the service was excellent. Please note that I work in the restaurant business and I don’t just throw around the word “excellent” when it comes to waiter skills. I got standards! And I thought the food was super good.

They have an extensive menu with a TON of options on it. However, it is a vegetarian place, not a vegan place, but all the vegan food items are clearly marked. Yay for convenience. Boo for not being 100 percent vegan.

To be clear. This Red Bamboo food is not healthy food. It is not for the ultra-health-conscious. Do not go to Red Bamboo if you are in the mood for a salad. I know many folks like to keep their grub on the “whole food” side, and I would not recommend a Red Bamboo outing for you folks. It is for junk food lovers!

We had buffalo wings for an appetizer. (sorry, no photo, I was busy EATING) Then we had 2 entrees. Michael is nice so we shared a little.

I had the cashew “chicken.”

Yum city! Seriously some of the best “chicken” I’ve had in my young vegan life. My mouth is totally watering looking at this pic.

Michael had a dish whose name I can’t remember. I think it was Dante’s Cuisine? I scanned the online menu and that was the only thing that sounded familiar. Whatevs. It was good.

I’m way too hungry to be writing this right now.

I say yay Red Bamboo. Deliciousness! Not too expensive either and huge portions; I took some home and ate it for lunch the next day.

We also had a peanut butter chocolate something cake? It was awesome. I LIKE EATING! I especially liked eating at Red Bamboo and will definitely go again. Yum yum. Apparently they had another location in Brooklyn and it used to be yummier but they revamped it and serve dead things now? Two thoughts on this: 1) TOTAL HATE; 2) The West Village one is plenty yummy. Still eat there. Don’t let that Brooklyn incident keep you away from the drumsticks. You’re worth it.

Laura Yasinitsky is a writer, comic, waitress, and animal-lover based in New York City. She has appeared on Comedy Central’s Open-Mic Fight and writes for US Weekly’s Fashion Police. You can follow her silliness on Twitter @LaraYaz and read about her animal friendly adventures here.

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