Saffron Grill: new vegan menu!  »

We here at Vegansaurus pretty much love the hell out of any restaurant that buckles to vegan terrorism listens to their vegan customers and throw us a, uh, bone. Accordingly, we are happy to announce that San Francisco’s Saffron Grill has added a brand spanking new, all-vegan menu to their existing offerings.

Saffron Grill is North Indian cuisine, folks—that means flatbread, saag, and chickpeas galore! I grabbed the ol’ ball-and-chain and a couple friends and hit up SG on a Wednesday night, and the first thing I’d like to say is DO NOT TAKE THE 5 FULTON BUS. We attempted to do this, and it passed us right by, meaning we walked from Van Ness to Divisadero and were tired and hangry by the time we got there. Good thing, then, our friends were waiting, and our server kept the crispy papadums with chutney coming while we decided on food. Padpadums, in case you weren’t raised by a dad whose zest for Indian cuisine both informed and traumatized your formative years, are wafer-thin dry lentil pancake thingies that get kind of crispy and a little bit bubbly when heated up. They’re like Indian corn chips, but made out of lentils and served with chutney, not salsa. Anyway, they’re great, and they’re vegan, so eat them.

For food, husband and I split a plate of samosas (awesome) and pakoras (also awesome). The samosas were great and not of the too-spicy variety that I sometimes stumble upon and then curse vigorously. There is nothing worse than a too-spicy samosa whose samosa guts you have to scrape out and then eat the greasy, crispy shell alone. Thankfully, these samosas were not of that variety. The pakoras were flavorful and not too oily, which is nice in a pakora. The chutney they came with was also nice—flavorful and not too sweet. I think it was mango, but I was too overcome with white-girl shame to ask.

Entrees were saag aloo (for me) and some kind of chickpea dish (for him), accompanied by flatbread. Saffron Grill has whole-wheat flatbread, which is nice. It’s not huge and crazy like some of the naan I’m used to, but it’s good stuff, and I think my body likes the one-meal break from white flour. One other nice thing about the SG is that they’ll alter the spice levels for you, so if you’re a wimpy Canadian WASP, like me, they will make your food with baby spices, and it still tastes good. If you’re a spice-fiend, I have it on good authority they will do you up right as well.

Finally, the people who own/staff this place are fucking seriously nice. They decided to create the vegan menu after a few people asked them about it, which is awesome. They’re also really friendly, and I know I felt right at home, and I bet you would too.

The only downside to the Saffron Grill is that it’s a little pricey (as down as I am with the menu and the food, $3 for rice is still a bit rich for my blood). However, I’m still happy to support the businesses that support me and my stomach, so head over the the Saffron Grill; just don’t take the 5 Fulton, and if you do, don’t say I didn’t warn you!


Gussie’s Chicken and Waffles!  »

I won’t get into the whole long boring story, but I’ve been staying in a company apartment on Fillmore for what feels like forever due to delays in processing my visa so I can go move to Australia. ANYWAY. I’ve found myself in an unfamiliar neighborhood, having to eat out every meal and thought I’d exhausted my vegan options.

Last night it was late so I thought, oh I’ll order a vegan pizza from Amici’s, but apparently I fall within their racist map of delivery intolerance.  UGH. So after a little Yelp sleuthing I discover some vegan options in a most unexpected nearby place on Eddy and Fillmore Streets: Gussie’s Chicken and Waffles! [Ed.: this is a place Vegansaurus has been meaning to try for a long-ass time but we are lazy and the Fillmore is so far away]

WHAT? No seriously, they have vegan waffles! And they are good—the buckwheat kind, and they serve them with Earth Balance. (Aww, the menu calls it “Earth’s Balance.” Adorable.) There’s also a vegetarian plate; everything on it is vegan and it is MASSIVE.

We’re talking collard greens, black-eyed peas, spicy potatoes, red beans and rice, and corn bread. Good grief, my left arm is going a little numb just remembering it. They were out of the red beans when I went so I got extra greens, which may have been my favorite part.

Also, the employees there were so friendly and nice and kept trying to bring us free coffee. Oh, and they will serve black people there, which is always a bonus, AMICI’S. Those plates were clean by the end of the meal. Gotta get it in now, since I’m about to move to a country where soul food doesn’t really exist and they still find blackface amusing, apparently.

We’ll miss Sharon A LOT while she’s living it up down under. Was that gross? I can’t even tell anymore. Anyway, we look forward to visiting her (preferably during a 50-year storm!) and eating the entire continent out of its vegan food, dino-style!


Jay’s Cheesesteak, Philly Perspective!  »

The comment section of my vegan hightop review has become a lot of talk about Philly and of course, Philly vegan cheesesteaks. Then tonight! I went to Waziema for a going-away party, felt awkward and decided to go outside so I could feel awkward outside. But then! I found myself standing outside Jay’s Cheesesteak on Divisadero. So I says to myself, “Self, let’s get a vegan cheesesteak!” So that’s what I did.

I didn’t really understand what the many choices of seitan meant so I got the mushroom seitan, thinking that meant it would have fried mushrooms in it. It was more like lots of slivers of shitaki-like mushrooms. I kind of hate shitaki mushrooms so it was not exactly what I wanted but I can still give you a rundown of Jay’s authenticity as a cheesesteak resource.

Survey says: pretty legit! The roll especially is on-point. Cheesesteaks come on these specific rolls but a cheesesteak from anywhere outside of Philly generally comes on some kaiser-type roll and it’s really different. This roll was exactly right! One major thing about Jay’s, all the cheesesteaks automatically come with tomato, lettuce and mustard (non-vegan has mayonnaise too), this is not normal. It’s not unheard of, it’s just that we call that a cheesesteak hoagie because those are the things you get in a hoagie. And I’ve never heard of getting mustard on a cheesesteak but I’m sure someone somewhere likes it that way.

All in all, pretty authentic, though it’s actually a cheesesteak hoagie. And that’s my word!


Jay’s Cheesesteak now has vegan mayo, thanks to Vegansaurus’ friends!  »

Hey All. Good morning, etc. ENOUGH WITH THE PLEASANTRIES. So, last Thursday, some friends and I were dining at Jay’s in the mission and one of us (possibly a member of the VegNews team) inquired about vegan mayo. The guy working was like, “Uh, okay?” and we were all like, “yeah, never gonna see that.” AND THEN, like five minutes later, he disappears across the street and returns with a jar of Vegenaise and is like, “we got it now!”. BAM! Activism in action, you ask and ye shall receive, power to the people, etc!

Sorry, shoulda reported on it when I happened because now Mission Mission thinks they scooped us but they did not. WE WERE THE ONES WHO GOT THAT THERE SO STOP ACTING ALL SUPERIOR TO US WHEN WE ARE THE ONES WHO ARE SUPERIOR TO YOU GOD. Oh also, if you bring in vegan cheese they’ll make it with vegan cheese and the more we ask for vegan cheese, the more likely they’ll carry it. You haven’t lived (a life worth living) until you’ve had the pizza cheesesteak with Daiya. Truth. The point is, Jay’s rules so bring them the business TODAY!


Jay’s Cheesesteak considering carrying vegan cheese!  »

And they (according to our VERY SECRET PLEASE DO NOT ASK sources) want/need encouragement. Or just, you know, want to know that vegans will actually be psyched and into it. WILL YOU BE??? Can you imagine the pizza cheesesteak with some Daiya up on that bitch? Yeah, you can.


Mission location: (415) 285-5200

Western Addition location: (415) 771-5104

SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET. That’s not me. That’s Clay Davis. Actually, I’m totally stealing it.


Herbivore adds Soy “Beef” Menu Items! And they’re not gross!  »

Herbivore has added a few soy beef menu items! Woo! It appears they are using Gardein, which was a good decisision. Now, I’ve gone apeshit for the vegan beef stroganoff at Ananda Fuara, and this shit is JUST AS GOOD. Just look at it, it’s beautiful, right? It’s straight delicious and available every day. THANK YOU GOOD LORD. We also got the “Cheese” Steak Sandwich which used Follow Your Heart mozzarella and was also very delicious. It would be nice if they cooked the cheese with the meat more to make it more of a gooey cheesy meaty mess on a bun, but it was still pretty damn delicious, and way better than pretty much anything else on the menu. I might actually crave Herbivore now?? They are truly, how do you say, stepping it up. Mama like.

That is just such a gross expression, I’m truly sorry.

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