Hey NYC! Vegan pizza tour this weekend!   »

OMG is right. Our dear reader Tim alerted me to this like 80 months ago and I’m like, Tim! You can’t tell me about things 80 months in advance! Because I forget! But! I actually remembered. Hopefully there are still tickets left. “Tickets for what?” you ask? A vegan pizza bus tour! 

Apparently, October is pizza month. Scott’s Pizza Tours is celebrating in style every Saturday! And first up is this vegan pizza tour: 

October 1 - Learning to Love Your Vegan

Visit pizzerias that will satisfy both vegans and the omnivores alike. Just leave the leather jacket at home. 
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Where they are going, I do not know. I’m guessing they are going places that have vegan pizza. That’s what I would do. 

Tim adds: “if I had to guess, I would say it’s probably going to be the dopemobile. I took a spin on the Scott’s Pizza tour bus (a while back in pre-vegan days) and it’s probably the best pizza-centric experience I’ve had since I was 8 and I learned you can even make pizza AT HOME!” He also says Scott is super nice. So, in the words of Spike Lee, get on the bus!

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