Vegan bags from Melie Bianco!  »

I guess I’m late to the game because I had never heard of Melie Bianco but I saw these bags on and dudes, I’m into them. I think. Well, I’m definitely into the clutch below but we have to see what Cally says for the official word. And I know some of you get concerned about wearing stuff that looks like leather even if it’s faux, but I don’t think anyone will mistake this for real leather. Will they? On the environmental tip, I’m not sure how high they score but their site says they try to use every piece of fabric they have. I hear there’s a lot of that type of waste in modern production. And they wear sweaters instead of turning up the heat in the winter. So, there’s that.

So, we will wait for Cally to weigh in but in the meantime, what do we think?

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