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Yesterday I was totally bummed about Anne the elephant being abused but I’m feeling a bit better today! The Daily Mail did an update today and it looks very much like Anne will be retired from the circus! After public outcry regarding the terrible video of Anne being abused, an RSPCA representative and a vet specialist from Whipsnade Zoo visited Anne to assess her condition. They haven’t reported any information on her health or the condition of her severe arthritis yet but Anne’s release looks very promising!

There are a couple of great international elephant sanctuaries that have offered to take Anne but that may be a problem. There are no elephant sanctuaries in Britain and moving Anne could be especially difficult due to her health. She could end up at the Whipsnade Zoo instead of a sanctuary or the situation could be even worse, according to the Whipsnade zoological director: “Fundamentally, Anne can be rehomed and integrated with other animals, but it has to be done very carefully. The biggest and most important thing for her is she needs specialist veterinary care. Her physical state may not be very strong and a quick assessment of her arthritis may show that she is even so bad, she needs to be put down.”

But I think Anne is a tough girl! I’m not giving up hope. I hope she is strong enough to make it to a real elephant sanctuary where she can live out the rest of her days with other elephants and miles to roam. Below is a picture of some happily retired elephants at California’s Performing Animal Welfare Society sanctuary—one of the sanctuaries offering a home to Anne. Can you imagine her there?! That would be the best thing ever!

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