Is Natalie Portman vegan or not?! WHY DO I CARE?  »

I’m so confused.

Based on some comments on Meave’s Vegan Top Chef post, I got genuinely curious as to whether or not this chick is vegan. Don’t worry, I hate me too. states here (Nov. 27, 2007) and here (Feb. 13, 2008) that she isn’t vegan but then states here (July 8, 2009) that she is. That last article says, “As many know, Natalie is a long-time veggie and went fully vegan last year.” Fair enough! Most of us weren’t vegan before we were vegan, but what’s truly confusing is that I can’t find any other evidence of her actually being vegan on the internet other than that Ecorazzi article that doesn’t cite any sources. Wikipedia has her down as a vegetarian. And then this, from commenter slm in the Top Chef post: “Natalie Portman isn’t vegan…. She came into the restaurant i work at last weekend in Los Angeles. I thought she was a vegan. I told the kitchen and everything…but, it turns out she was just a veggie.”

I’ve googled so many variations of “Natalie Portman” and “vegan” that my computer gives up. This is like the mystery of the sphinx. Except far less interesting and there is probably an answer on the internet that I just can’t find because I’m kinda lazy about searching for shit. TELL ME THE ANSWER. I’m hating myself the more and more that I continue typing.

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