Hot tip: Escape From New York Pizza in the Mission has vegan slices!  »

Pizza party, all the time! Well, at least on Sundays in the Mission. We got a tip from an Escape From New York Pizza employee that their Mission location serves vegan slices from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sundays. Get on it, their pizza is yum!

I live next to the Escape From New York in the Upper Haight and I would love to see this happen there, because when I want their Daiya cheese pie, I have to order a WHOLE ONE. The vegan slices at Whole Foods across the street always look kind of nasty, so I end up making a vegan pizza myself, or breaking down and ordering one from EFNY. Then I eat the entire thing because will power is not something I apply to in my life!

When I say “I live next to,” I mean “when I open my bedroom window, the breeze is pizza-scented.” This must be what heaven smells like.

Jo from EFNY in the Mission tells us that she is vegan, so she makes sure the vegan slices are made separately! Thanks for looking out Jo! You just made my life a little brighter. Let’s go get some slices! And beer! See you in Dolores park, hipsters.

Remember, it’s only on Sundays, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., at the Mission Escape From New York at 3242 22nd St. (between Mission and Valencia).


Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor go vegan! Let’s hope it sticks!   »

In news that I know you are all anxiously awaiting, another celebrity couple tries out veganism! This time, it’s Zoolander and Melody from Hey Dude! Just kidding you guys, I don’t seriously live in a world where actors are the characters they play. (Yes I do.)

Christine Taylor talks all about the transition here. Regarding her kids, she says they are having a harder time with the switch, and explains “My daughter loves veggies but doesn’t love fruit. My son loves fruit and doesn’t love veggies.” That’s so funny, because you know who else like veggies but doesn’t like fruit? Sarah! I just don’t get it. I even love the kind of fruit that everyone has a problem with—berries with little seeds! All the fruit for me, all the time! (except papaya, I don’t like that one. [Ed. note: WORD.])

Christine Taylor is also the spokesperson for Nourish body care products. I looked into Nourish, and it sounds like an awesome company—vegan and organic! I saw that the products are sold at Whole Foods, so I hopped, skipped, and jumped on over to the store across the street in search of body lotion. Sadly, the Upper Haight Whole Foods only carries Nourish body wash, and I prefer bar soap. Lavender mint lotion, you will be mine—I bet it’s at Rainbow!

Your Vegan Celebrity Correspondent

[photo via Ecorazzi]


Beyond Meat: the new vegan meat that’s rocking worlds is coming to Northern California Whole Foods!  »

I’ve been hearing about this Beyond Meat stuff for awhile and NPR’s blog has the scoop, which I guess is actually originally from Mark Bittman but the point is, apparently this stuff is insanely realistic (it shreds!?) and super tasty. I know someone who tried it and was so blown away that he invested in it. That’s commitment, people! Money where the mouth is! I really need to get rich so I can invest in wacky vegan shit. I’d so donate to your Kickstarter, I promise*.

Anyway, it’s supposed to be amazing (WE GET IT, LAURA, IT’S GOOD) and I want to try it and LO AND BEHOLD, it’s supposed to be at Northern California Whole Foods soon! Hot damn! Northern California Whole Foods are notoriously way shittier than most Whole Foods because our buyer is an idiot who doesn’t stock vegan stuff because a vegan probably dumped his dumb ass but the point is: WE’RE GETTING IT IN THE BAY AREA FIRST TAKE THAT EVERYONE ELSE. If you see it laying about at a Whole Foods near you, holler at us! We gotta try it! What should we make with it?? What will YOU make with it? What if it’s TOO realistic?? Are we gonna be all “mmmm so good” and then like, “puke this takes like chicken!” and then “mmm so good” again?? I’m developing an eating disorder just thinking about it!

Here’s a picture of Beyond Meat in a chicken salad from the NPR story:



Starbucks bought Evolution Juice! Is this good news or bad news?   »

As I’m sure you’ve already heard, Starbucks has bought San Bernadino-based juice company Evolution Juices for an estimated $30 million! Starbucks plans to carry Evolution in their cafes, and also to open juice bars* in the next year. Starbucks has already dropped the “Starbucks Coffee” from their logo, much like Apple dropped “computers” from theirs when they started carrying iPods, iPhones, and iPads. Now, because I am honestly interested in your opinion, tell me: Is this good news or bad news?

I feel torn about this move by Starbucks. On one hand, I shop at Whole Foods and Safeway, and have bought the Just Greens Evolution juice at both. I obviously patronize corporations, so I don’t see the big deal about Starbucks buying Evolution to spread juice to the masses. How is that a bad thing? Plus, I like Starbucks because their internet is not spotty, and I need that in order to write outside of my home. I will always choose to buy coffee from a mom-and-pop operation, but if I need to use the internet to work, Starbucks is the only place I can go that doesn’t let me down.

Starbucks is taking on selling more vegan food options, and now juice (plus beer and wine, right?), and I don’t see this a bad thing. So many people frequent Starbucks; isn’t it a perfect outlet to spread veganism to the masses? Isn’t that what we want? Or are we trying to keep veganism like our favorite indie band—all to ourselves?

The interior of an Evolution store—someone needs to use their spell check! I can’t hate too hard, many of you point out my spelling flaws and it’s super embarrassing! (Though I appreciate it!)

On the other hand, I don’t want to lose the sense of community we gain with small, local business. I don’t want corporations to take over the world, and the hippie in me hates shopping at chains, as I truly believe in supporting local cafes and juice shops. Especially because I live in a city, and I can do just that! I also appreciate that both my college town (Arcata) and my neighborhood (Upper Haight) refuse to let Starbucks in. However, what does one do when they don’t live in a city, but the suburbs, where chains are prevalent? What if you can only get raw juice, or soy in coffee, or vegan food at Starbucks, Safeway, or Jamba Juice? Can we have both? Can we shop at both local and corporate and be OK with ourselves?

I will buy juice and vegan food where it is available, and if it’s available to a larger demographic of people, then I see that as a win for the animals and therefore the environment (except all the plastic packaging). On that note, I will hardly go to Evolution, or buy beer at Starbucks, because I prefer cold-pressed raw vegetable juice and dive bars.

As long as Starbucks is going to try to take over the world, I would like to see an emphasis placed on using compost-friendly packaging! Biodegradable cups would be a fantastic start, Starbucks! Pave the way for corporations to start taking responsibility for the planet by using little to no plastic!

*The first Evolution juice bar opened on March 19 in Bellevue, Wash.


Berkeley Café Gratitude to stay open, Oakland Whole Foods Gratitude to close Feb. 28  »

Two bits of Café Gratitude news: According to Berkeleyside, the Berkeley Café Gratitude is going to remain open! Hey, all right!

According the the sign below, the Café Gratitude in the Oakland Whole Foods is closing on Feb. 28. What a bummer. I can’t believe that the Whole Foods Gratitude isn’t a major money-maker. It’s always packed! And packed with all different kinds of people, the kinds of people I don’t normally see in a Café Gratitude. I don’t know, it’s awesome seeing such a diverse crowd eating kale. And that includes me! I always buy a green juice while I’m shopping, and leave with at least one slice of cheesecake. My heart breaks a little at this news! Oh well, there’s always Rachel’s plan. Time to get raw, folks.


Beer koozies are out, queso koozies are in. Plus, everyone loves cookies! The last minute vegan gift guide.  »

Crystal and Chris Tate, the geniuses behind Food for Lovers vegan queso (you’ve had it right? It’s available at Whole Foods throughout this country!) have teamed up with  etsy artists to bring you…

Koozies for your queso! Or…

a chili ornament! Or… a Texas state ornament!

Since I know you are buying one of these for me, I prefer the koozie [Ed. note: I thought it was “cozy,” because, like, now your queso will be cozy! Which is it?! Is this an east coast/west coast thing?]. How else will my queso keep warm in the chilly city of San Francisco?
If you want one of these precious “Don’t Mess With Texas" handcrafted gifts, you have to act fast. They are only available for two more days! For $20 (shipping included) you get a jar of queso, a piece of handmade artistry and a card with a personalized message for the recipient (no one has to know it’s you, buying and receiving said gift. Hey! You gotta do you).

Fat Bottom Bakery, based out of Oakland, is also offering a special holiday gift for you! Fifteen dollars will get you an assortment of a dozen delicious cookies! How do they do it? So many flavors: sweet snickerdoodles, festive spiced molasses, ginger-glazed cranberry, AND shortbread swirls with chocolate ganche. Send them to me. I will enjoy them thoroughly. Or get them for the office party! Or the family thing, then don’t tell anyone they’re vegan and watch everyone chow down! (Or eat them alone while watching netflix, whatever!)

So many cookies! This is truly a winter wonderland!

Again, $15 a dozen, which you can pick up at their bakery; or for $20, they will deliver these delectable items to you! Within Berkeley or Oakland, of course. What do you think this day and age is? A time in which we can teleport ourselves over the Bay Bridge? (I hope that time is soon)


In between doing very important things on my day off (watching Mad Men on Netflix, checking Facebook, napping) I came across Gluten Morgan’s video on the Whole Foods twitter feed.  GLUTEN-FREE VEGAN SPICE CUPCAKES. For real? Yes! Do it! Make them! I know I’m going to later this week. I bet they’d be incredible with cream cheese frosting.

Excuse me while I stalk check out her website and watch all of her videos on YouTube. It doesn’t look like all the recipes are vegan, but you could veganize them! And then send us the recipe!


Eat Pastry, alive and well on the east coast!  »

I meant to post this last month but I been busy looking for an apartment! But I totes found one and I’m back in action! SO, I heard from Jessie at Eat Pastry and I am happy to inform you that Eat Pastry is now available in Pennsylvania! And New Jersey! And some other eastern places! VERY EXCITING. I’ll have to check the Whole Foods in Philly but Jessie says it’s available at Whole Foods and Big Bear Natural Foods in PA. I’ve never been to this Big Bear place but it looks adorbs and there are several locations.

Actually, several Whole Foods have picked them up: Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia, Kentucky, and the cities on the border of New Jersey (including Princeton! We can go and buy records and eat cookie dough!). She said she’ll be in NY this month to try and convince the NY Whole Foods to get with the program. GENIUS IDEA: You New Yorkers should totally request Eat Pastry any time you’re in a Whole Foods! Then we could eat cookie dough all the time! And be happy in the way only food makes you happy!

Some other places that have picked up this yummy dough include Dean’s Natural Food Market in Jersey, Mustard Seed Market in Ohio, Roots Market in Maryland, Yes! Organic Market in DC (say “hi” to my DC friends!), and really, just a bunch of places. Huzzah!


New vegan gelato coming to Whole Foods!  »

It’s called Genuto (cause it’s made with nuts GET IT) and I tried it at last weekend’s World Veg Fest in San Francisco and wrote about it (and an entire World Veg Fest breakdown, with awesome photography by my phone!) over at the wonderful Bay Area Bites. Go read it and learn about this delicious new vegan gelato that’s about to take over your life! It’ll be in Whole Foods and local natural grocery stores staring very soon. Like, in a month. Or less. Anyway: Learn lt, love it, live it. 


While cruising through one of my new favorite blogs, Hello Giggles, I found this post (and subsequent video) all about making vegan sundaes. How exciting! There are recipes for both salted caramel and bananas foster. And who does it happen to star? Napeoleon Dynamite's own Haylie Duff! I love my celebrities, especially when they partake in vegan doings and makings.

Can someone make the caramel sauce and bring it over to my apartment? Thanks! We can totally run across the street and pick up some Coconut Bliss at Whole Paycheck. Sundae Party!

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