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Two weeks ago, the Milk Board launched an incredibly sexist ad campaign claiming that chugging a buttload of milk will cure PMS woes, both for the ladies experiencing the symptoms, and for their heteronormative male partners. These claims were based on a research article published in 1998, which the Milk Board called a “recent study.”

In those short two weeks, the Milk Board learned that PMS isn’t the only thing that can make women irritable and blood-hungry—being insulted and attacked makes us that way too! (but, apparently we’re that way all the time, right? Oh wait…). In response to all the negative media coverage of the campaign, the Milk Board changed strides. The previous has been changed to (oh, witty!) as they attempt to clean up their mess. They also issued on of the weakest apologies in the history of corporate fuckups:

The sincerest part is the sentence that says, “Others thought it was funny and educational.” Let’s not forget that this is the same Milk Board that told us “happy cows come from California.” They tried to sue PETA in 2007, too.

Don’t be fooled, though. This group of sexists still thinks they deserve a pat on the back and a cookie for their irrational campaign. Our buddy Steve James told the New York Times, “Taking down is not a failure in any way. I don’t see it as ending it or pulling the plug. We accomplished what we set out to accomplish.”

The Milk Board is also encouraging people to “join the discussion” on their Facebook page (which you have to “like” before you can participate). If you are hungry for some mindless arguing and repetitive banter that insists that “milking cows relieves the pain in their swollen utters”, and “Some girls get cranky when they’re on their periods. Some don’t,” then by all means, join in!

Also, this is some bullshit:

There’s really nothing I love more than watching a pair of harpies throw floppy slices of cheese at each other. [Can’t see the video? Watch it on]

If you’d like to voice your concern about the Milk Board’s consistent attempts to encourage sexist stereotypes and mask the real issues within the milk industry, feel free to contact Jocilyn Preskar, director of public affairs for the California Department of Food & Agriculture at (916) 654.0317. While Steve James’ phone number and email address are conveniently missing from the internet, his LinkedIn account is fully available!

Elysse Grossi is a scientist, a health educator, a vegan food fanatic and a co-owner of Sweet Cups, based in the East Bay. She grosses people out with her other blog, Under the Microscope. Laugh at her boring life on Twitter.


Achtung, vegans! Liz Lovely products recall!  »

Hot off FDA Recalls news, Liz Lovely has had to recall 10 cookie products, as they all contain chocolate and/or chocolate chips with dairy! This chocolate was purchased from a third-party manufacturer, which failed to declare the dairy present in its chocolate. Boo.

The following products were affected
In 6oz. plastic bags with two cookies
Cowboy Cookies
Cowgirl Cookies
Peanut Butter Classics
Gluten Free Chocolate Fudge
Gluten Free Triple Chocolate Mint
Gluten Free Chocolate Chip

In 8oz. plastic containers
Lovely Oh’s
Mint Lovely Oh’s
Peanut Butter Lovely Oh’s
Organic Pretzels

These products were shipped between Oct. 4 and Nov. 15, 2010; if you bought any of these products, Liz Lovely asks that you “return them to the place of purchase for a full refund.” The specific UPCs and affected lot numbers are available on the FDA news page.

For more information, visit Liz Lovely’s website, or contact the company between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST at (802) 496.6390.

Don’t fret! Accidental dairy is WAY less scary than what the meat- and cheese-eaters are always being threatened with, i.e. life-threatening bacteria. Return your sweets, wait until Nov. 24, and buy a new pack that will be absolutely dairy-free, as usual.


Curious chimpanzees are curious! HELLO CHIMPANZEE!! I want to HUG YOU. Some day—because infinite time allows for infinite possibilities—I will get to hug a chimpanzee, and it will be as delightful as I imagine it.

(from Videogum!)

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