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Good old Deceiver. Usually they totally stick it to the hypocrites, and we can all roll our eyes and giggle and wonder about the stupidity of the world.

But just like the rest of us humans, sometimes they take it a bit far. Implying that PCRM President Neal Barnard is hypocritical for having worked at McDonald’s, because PCRM has a new anti-McDonald’s ad campaign doesn’t actually make sense. It’s certainly not “ironic.”

No one’s led a blameless life—even Jesus of The Bible had his inexplicably rude moments, remember? And we’re all allowed to change our minds. Rarely do you find a committed vegan who was born and raised that way. Most of us had to learn, and for some of us that took exposure to a lot of gross stuff first—perhaps working at a McDonald’s.

As Laura says, it’s like, remember how you used to believe in Santa Claus, and sleep with men who undervalued you? You live, you learn!

[disclaimer: our Laura was at one time a contract employee for PCRM, and Vegansaurus continues to advocate for the Healthy School Lunch Program as proposed and lobbied for by PCRM. That said, come on.]



“ DNA tests revealed that in the two most serious cases, the vegetarian patties and ham of one vendor and vegetarian dried shredded pork from another vendor contained at least 20 percent beef or pork, Pu said. „

Taipei, Taiwan Investigation Bureau makes some disgusting findings.

The article tells us is that 17 out of 31 “vegetarian food vendors in Taipei city and county” were selling lies, and some may have been doing it accidentally (not that that excuses it, but it’s better than deliberately, YOU KNOW?). What the article does not say is whether any of these products were sent to foreign markets.

UGH the whole affair is just so (sorry) distasteful (really, sorry). Should we avoid foreign-made meat substitutes until further notice? Should we maybe ask our contact in the FDA to pull some strings, see if we can’t get a similar investigation performed here? Should we just give up and become produce-tarians, eating only what grows from the earth in, and its most natural form?

Well maybe that last idea is pretty terrible, but can anyone think of a reasonable course of action? Besides, of course, NOT PANICKING. Vegansaurus cautions against panicking of any nature (at this time).

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