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This is disturbing. Some country music bro killed a tame and adorable bear named Cubby, making a big to-do about his “wildlife” hunt. There was a whole court case about it and Troy Gentry, the bro in question, was fined $15,000 for falsely registering the kill (got to righteously register those kills, bro!). What makes the case crazier, the organization Showing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK) fought the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for THREE YEARS to get the footage of the “hunt” released. Gentry pleaded guilty in 2006 but SHARK’s video JUST came out last week. According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the footage was eventually released because, as the lead attorney for SHARK said, “The judge ruled that the ‘privacy interests were quite minimal’ because portions of the video were ‘already shown on national television, and they had planned to use it for a country video.’” Privacy shmivacy d-bag.

God bless the Freedom of Information Act and WTF? Who kills a bear named CUBBY? Cubby (well, Cubbi) was the adorable young Gummi Bear in the best cartoon of all time! Before being murdered, this Cubby was a wildlife “model” that the owner would rent out for wildlife photography. It’s old news that wildlife photography is a total joke, but it’s still crazy. How lame is it to rent “wild” animals and fake pictures? A: SO LAME. Goddamn liars! Still, why did the owner retire Cubby and let Gentry murder him? Because the bear developed dental problems. Are you joking with me? This is what happens with “working” animals: they get exploited their whole lives and then once they need something, KA-POW! Arrow to the lung.

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