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imageSwept up in a turn of events I didn’t fully anticipate, I have found myself living in Southern California’s Temecula Valley for the last two and half months. Soon I will be relocating to Los Angeles, but Temecula will always hold a special place in my life. For one, my sister, bro-in-law and niece live here; and two, there’s vegan fun to be had! It hasn’t been a breeze, navigating menus around here, as cheese is SPRINKLED ON EVERYTHING, WHY WHY WHY?! The Yardhouse was not as vegan-friendly as I had hoped, though their cocktails are pretty spectacular. PF Changs was a sweet relief in terms of ordering, but I carried around a salt-bloat for days. Suburban vegans, I have never given you the credit you deserve when it comes to eating out (all the phone calls and questions!), so this is me giving you mad props! 

Temecula, however, does have a few local spots that cater to vegans. One of those places is Falkner Winery. Falkner Winery not only has a delectable vegan and gluten-free menu at their restaurant, all of their wines are vegan too! This is fantastic news, as Temecula is known for it’s bountiful vineyards and wine-tasting excursions. 

My mom is all about the logo glass, more so than the wine itself! 

I emailed Falkner Winery to be sure they did not use animal products in the processing of their wine, and was thrilled by their friendly and rapid response. Ray Falkner addressed my inquiry by stating, “we do not use any animal products in either the fining or filtering process. We also never add any animal products along the way in the winemaking process.” Let the tasting begin! 

Even though I usually go for white, I loved this peppery Syrah. Of course if you can, you should check out the vineyard. But if you aren’t in the area, you can buy a bottle through the magic of the internet!

Of course I also had a meal at Falkner Winery’s Pinnacle restaurant, because a girl can’t live on wine alone (though she may try!). I had the sweet and sour vegetables (picture below). They were scrumptious! This feast includes shaved Brussels sprouts, kale, and a lemon risotto cake, which I was assured, by our charming waiter, was vegan. Brussels sprouts are sure having their day, aren’t they? [Ed. note: Jenny, you’re so seven years ago.]


Pinnacle Restaurant’s Sweet and Sour vegetable dish.

Should you find yourself in Temecula, as I know a couple of you have, check out Falkner Winery and their Pinnacle restaurant. Not only is the food and wine excellent, but the vineyard is beautiful, with expansive and lovely views! 

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