Vegucated screening tickets: We have winners!  »

Thank you so much for participating! And thank you for all the movie recommendations, there were lots of good ideas.

And now for a movie you all want to see: Vegucated! For the Berkeley screenings, congratulations commenters Woog and Caroline Miazgowicz. For SF, commenters Tierny, meowberto, and tofupuppy! Please contact Karine Brighten to collect your tickets!

Everyone can purchase tickets for the Berkeley screening on Tuesday, Oct. 24 at the David Brower Center here, and for the San Francisco screening on Wednesday, Oct. 25 at the Victoria Theater here.

Karine Brighten is looking for volunteers at both screenings as well! If you volunteer, you get free access to the screening and reception. Awesome! Contact Ms. Brighten to volunteer!

Thanks to everyone who entered, and to Karine for offering the tickets!

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