Yellowstone’s famous alpha-wolf shot dead :(  »

From the New York Times:

Yellowstone National Park’s best-known wolf, beloved by many tourists and valued by scientists who tracked its movements, was shot and killed on Thursday outside the park’s boundaries, Wyoming wildlife officials reported.

The wolf, known as 832F to researchers, was the alpha female of the park’s highly visible Lamar Canyon pack and had become so well known that some wildlife watchers referred to her as a “rock star.” The animal had been a tourist favorite for most of the past six years.

The wolf was fitted with a $4,000 collar with GPS tracking technology, which is being returned, said Daniel Stahler, a project director for Yellowstone’s wolf program. Based on data from the wolf’s collar, researchers knew that her pack rarely ventured outside the park, and then only for brief periods, Dr. Stahler said.

This year’s hunting season in the northern Rockies has been especially controversial because of the high numbers of popular wolves and wolves fitted with research collars that have been killed just outside Yellowstone in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming.

Also with her and killed was her bff, a wolf known as 754. Heartbreaking news, life is the worst. Also, total bullshit! Our national wolf populations can’t handle these state-sanctioned killings, and this just brings that sad fact into the light even more. 

The first wolf hunts in decades were authorized in Wyoming this fall. 832F was the eighth collared by researchers that was shot this year after leaving the park’s boundary. Seriously, fuck everyone. We reintroduced wolves in the 90s and now hunting is OK because they’re fucking with the business of factory farmers and hunters?

Our human relationship with other animals is so sick, it makes me wish an asteroid would just hit us. Or some sort of plague comes unto humans and future reign is handed off to the gorillas — naturally vegan, fairly peaceful, and content to munch leaves all days and think wise thoughts. Take it away, gorillas!

Once you’re done sobbing, check out Defenders of Wildlife to see how you can help the wolves.

RIP, 832F and 754. I’m sorry.


Hunters gleefully torture wolves since Idaho removed federal protection  »

This is Forest Service employee Josh Bransford happily posing with a wolf he trapped in Idaho. The wolf wasn’t just trapped; when some passing motorists saw the limping animal, they thought it’d be super fun to non-fatally shoot the trapped wolf a few times. Bransford posted some pics online and people were positively giddy. Awesome.

People make me so sick sometimes. This is exactly what people opposed to the de-listing were worried about. This isn’t just an animal who’s threatened by habitat loss or something, hunters and farmers hate wolves. They are in competition with them. It’s not like a few will be killed now, these dudes are out for blood. 

According to Environment News Service, people are calling for Bransford to be fired. Though you’re allowed to kill wolves now, there are actually rules about it:

Idaho state law makes it a crime for a person who “causes or procures any animal to be cruelly treated, or who, having the charge or custody of any animal either as owner or otherwise, subjects any animal to cruelty.” The law also requires that “destruction of animals for population control,” the stated reason for wolf trapping, be carried out humanely.

Stopping to pose while an animal hobbles in pain is certainly not carrying out the murder humanely. Though I don’t know that Idaho actually cares about enforcing laws. They certainly don’t care about upholding promises. From Earth Island Journal:

Removal of Endangered Species Act protection for the wolf was based on the assurances of state game agencies that they would manage wolves to ensure survival of the species and approval of state wolf management plans by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Idaho has since abandoned the targets of its state plan and instead said it will seek to reduce the population from roughly 1,000 wolves to as low as 150 wolves. Since the delisting, 375 wolves have been reported killed in Idaho. Idaho’s wolf hunt remains open in portions of the state.

As you know, wolves were removed from the federal protection list last year in Idaho and Montana. Since then:

By late March some 117 Idaho wolves had been killed in traps and snares, and another 251 shot. Montana saw 166 killed, for a total of 534 wolves out of an estimated 1150 in the two states. Although Montana’s season ended in February, Idaho is not quite done. Both states have announced plans for increased hunting in the 2012-2013, and discussions are underway among hunting groups and state officials to allow private donations to establish wolf bounties.

Wolf bounties? They aren’t criminals—they’re animals just trying to live! This is so absurd. As you can see, it’s not like there a gagillion wolves walking around. This animal that was nearly wiped off the earth has rebounded to a little more than a thousand in those areas. How does an animal go from federal protection to being legally culled by half? There needs to be national intervention. States shouldn’t be able to just do whatever they want with regard to their environment and wildlife. This is bullshit. I’m angry!


Wow, the world is a disturbing place. As the video says, there’s a new bill in Idaho that would allow all kinds of fun ways to kill wolves, including luring them with live bait… as in, tied up dogs. Just wow, Idaho. The bill also has some weird vengeance loophole for killing wolves that kill your cattle. If a wolf kills one of your sheep or whatever, you have a certain amount of time to hunt it down and kill it without needing to get a permit. Dude, there is no way anyone is going to reliably identify an individual wolf that killed their animals! That’s ridiculous. You do however have to get a permit to kill wolves that are “molesting” your cattle. This part is great:

"molesting" shall mean the actions of a wolf that are annoying, disturbing or persecuting, especially with hostile intent or injurious effect, or chasing, driving, flushing, worrying, following after or on the trail of, or stalking or lying in wait for, livestock or domestic animals.

So basically you can kill a wolf that has intent to kill? OK. And really, “molesting?” Nice word choice. Very loaded and villainous. 

You may be familiar with Idaho’s lust for wolf blood, as I’ve written about it many times. It’s only recently that wolves were delisted as an endangered species in Idaho. That’s what they get for narrowly evading extinction!

But seriously, can you imagine a dog tied up with a wolf charging it? And it can’t get away? WTF. Sick. 

Defenders of Wildlife is the best site I know of to see how you can help, so check that out.

PS: Please excuse the commercial at the beginning of the video. Couldn’t do anything about it.


Top 10 links of the week!: veganism!  »

Funny birdie wakes his kitty bff!

First up, our own Sarah M. Smart was interviewed by Grubwithme! I am late in reporting this because she forgot to tell me about it. I forgive her because she calls me a saint in the interview. My favorite part is the last question where she says she doesn’t want to give too much away about what’s to come—like we are a soap opera! We totally are. Stay tuned!

Um, the Canadian government is going to start poisoning wolves with strychnine and shooting them from planes. Read what Grist wrote about it because I could not have said it better. Ok I’ll add one point: WTF. 

From Pawnation, the 5 best ways to keep your pets’ teeth clean. I just had to get poor Mitsy’s teeth cleaned, they put them under to do it! And Figaro has to go in soon and they even said he needs extractions! I’m so nervous for him!

 If you want to be grossed out, and you know you do, here’s the 10 grossest pictures from a charity oyster slurping competition. Whenever people bring up the oyster thing, for one, I’m like, uh people used to say fish couldn’t feel pain either. So you never know. But even if oysters don’t feel pain, EW THEY ARE GRODY TO THE MAX! WHY would I WANT to eat them? They are like little shells of mucus! If I want to eat garlic butter, I do not have to put it on a loogie first. Put it on an artichoke or drink it straight, but I’ll pass on the loogie. 

Rose Pedals, the source for everything vegan and wedding, has a super round-up of vegan Valentine’s Day gift guides, resources, and fun events. Check it out! My favorite part is when they say I’m funny. That part was great.

From SuperVegan, 10 questions with Sarah Peltier of the NYC Vegan Shop-Up! The Shop-Up is this Sunday, the 12th! Don’t forget!

From Vegan Mainstream, Real Men Eat Plants and are Kind to Animals. Do we agree? I mean, I’m sure we agree! But do you think we’ve made cultural strides in this direction? Discussion topic of the week!

Have you been following PETA’s lawsuit Tilikum v. SeaWorld? I guess it just wrapped up with the judge deciding that the 13th Amendment does not apply to non-humans. I thought it was a very interesting case. Should the 13th Amendment apply to non-human animals? I don’t know but it’s definitely an interesting idea. Second discussion topic of the week!

Check out what my pop found in the local Philly Latino news paper!: Ser vegano también puede ser delicioso! Yay! Somos los mejores! 

Buzzfeed does it again!: The 15 most adorable bunny bathtime photos! [Update: We just learned from our awesome readers that bunnies shouldn’t be bathed! So don’t do that with your bunny, okay? For lots of reasons why, see our comments. OUR APOLOGIES to our readers and the bunnies!]


Cast of “The Grey” dines on wolf meat for kicks  »

Animal welfare activists were already not happy about new film The Grey. Well, at first they were, because the movie was using computer wolves instead of real wolves. But then they realized the movie is not so nice to wolves after all. They say it demonizes wolves, and at the worst time possible. After barely recovering from near extinction, wolf populations in some parts of the country have recently been removed from the list of federally protected species. It’s basically open season on wolves and now The Grey comes along to fuel unfounded fear, prejudice and misconceptions. Super! Go Hollywood!

To add insult to injury, in order to “have a sense of the movie [they] were making,” director Joe Carnahan had some frozen wolves shipped from a trapper up to Alaska for the cast to eat. Um, fuck that. As Jennifer Mishler over at Ecorazzi puts it, “So, he had frozen wolf meat flown in, because that’s what people stuck in the snow and ice and fighting for their survival do, right?” Pro tip: WRONG!

Genius idea: How about leaving the actors out in the cold over night to fend for themselves? THAT’S MORE LIKE IT! Get into character, jerks!

Beautiful picture by me!


Wolves help trees rebound in Yellowstone, aren’t evil  »

From L.A. Times: “This photo published on the Wildlife News blog shows a U.S. Wildlife Services plane adorned with 58 paw-print decals, one for each wolf killed from the aircraft. (Wildlife News)”

As Idaho considers letting loose aerial sharp-shooters on its wolf population, Yellowstone see the benefits of protecting these animals. A study from Oregon State University says that with the return of wolves, the elk population has been reduced, allowing tree populations to recover. This isn’t just good for trees, it also provides homes for birds and food for beavers. 

What am I always telling you? You can’t just remove an apex predator and expect everything to be hunky dory! Meanwhile, all these hunters are super excited to kill wolves. Wolves have barely recovered from near extinction! It’s madness. 

While we think about how terrible people are, let’s watch my favorite wolf video ever: wolf pup learns to howl!

[Can’t see the video? Watch on!]

I keep up-to-date with wolf news with the Defenders of Wildlife newsletter, I encourage you to do the same.


Top 10 links of the week: A bike ride through the forest of veganism!  »

Hummus taste test at Kitchen Daily! Of course Philadelphia’s own Bobbi’s hummus rates high. It’s the best! Have you tried their white bean dip? Holy. Cannoli.

Cows have BFFs! This is important because if you keep them with their pals, they produce more milk. It also may be good for their welfare, but who cares about that!

Grist wants to know if you’d eat mutant meat! We of course wouldn’t, but crazy omnis prob already do.

PCRM wants you to help stop the terrible ferret lab at the University of Washington! Who would hurt a ferret?!

Treehugger discusses what happens when we remove the large animals from our ecosystem. Spoiler: It’s bad! Hey guys, what’s your favorite large animal?! Mine is of course elephants but everyone knows that!

Have you been keeping up with the war on wolves (I just coined that!)? Stay up to date! Defenders of Wildlife will help!

Vegan musicians are more than a trend! Agree/disagree? Who’s your favorite vegan musician?

Animal Planet has 10 animals channeling Harry Potter characters! So. Funny.

National Geographic has the story on wildlife in Afghanistan war zones—they are doing kind of OK!

If you’ve got the cash, look what you can buy from the Sea Shepherd art show:
I’m into it. This jawn is hot.


Top 10 links of the week! A rollercoaster ride through veganism!  »

[Your cute animal viral video of the week! OMG that duck is scary! I feel your pain, dog.]

There are 55 restaurants in NYC that serve shark fin soup, according to Gothamist, but there’s one that just gave it up! He says he decided to drop the item from the menu after encouragement from customers. Awesome!

Bittman commented on this bullshit situation with every state and their mom trying to outlaw undercover factory farm videos. It’s worth a read.

The SF Bay Guardian had a nice panel discussion on eating vegan in the Bay Area. It even includes our Laura! Damn, she gets around.

Some vegan teacher took a naked stroll in his school. Probably because he’s vegan.

Here’s an update on the impending wolf slaughter from the LA Times. I’m not pleased.

Has anybody been to a vegan waffle party? HOW COME I DON’T LIVE IN A VEGAN WAFFLE PARTY?!

This is a bit old but I forgot to tell you guys: Greyhound racing is going out of style! Huzzah!

This was probably the best news all week and it’s my discussion topic: Mac users are 80 percent more likely to be vegetarians than PC owners! How does that hold up with our Vegansaurus readers?! I’m totally allergic to PCs, the ugly hurts my eyes. What does everyone else have? Plus, what’s the connection here? Macs are for art people, right? Are art people more likely to be vegetarians? Who can say!

Here’s your weekly what the fuck: YouTube bans Mercy For Animals video. You know, the one from the Cattle Farm that was going around. I think that video opened a lot of people’s minds! God forbid!

Hipster Animals! I’ll let this picture do the talking:


Wolves to be removed from endangered species lists in five states. Go USA!  »

[PBS special: Hunting Wolves, Saving Wolves. Shows both sides of the argument. Can’t see the video? Watch it on!]

It’s official: in 50-some days, five states are set to take gray wolves off the endangered species list. This is the first time Congress has removed a species from the endangered list. This is not good. You would hope that an animal’s being removed from the endangered species list would mean that the species* had rebounded something fierce—that’s not the case here. The wolf population has recovered a lot from near extinction but that’s not why the wolves are being de-listed. In this case, politics triumphs over science. The Northern Rockies has something like 1,700 wolves and they are just making it too darn hard to hunt. The federal government has relinquished control and the individual states will now “manage” the wolf population on their own. I totally trust a bunch of hunters to manage an endangered species. There are a few super-duper legitimate restrictions; for example, under the new deal, Montana, who currently has a little less than 600 wolves, would have to keep a minimum of 150 wolves and 15 breeding pairs. That sounds totally reasonable—75 percent of the species could be wiped out. It’s like, how few can we keep around so that we can rebuild the species once we deplete it again?

The whole thing is depraved. The way they went about it is just as bad as the motivation behind the de-listing. They slipped it into the budget agreement and it’s total bullshit. Why is that legal? And we can’t have realistically expected the President to refuse to sign the budget and shut down the government for wolves. Fucking Congress. I wasn’t aware of this because I’m not that into right-wing politics but according to the Washington Post, “The endangered act has long been reviled by conservatives who see it as a hindrance to economic development.” Damn endangered species, always getting in the way of making money. I’m sure the conservatives are super excited now that they no longer have to go through the usual channels with regards to endangered species—congress has got their back.

Like I said last week, this sets a terrible precedent for other endangered species. Bison and grizzles are already in danger. I just hope there’s not a budget agreement next time polar bears get too rowdy. 

If you want to help, check out Defenders of Wildlife, Earth Justice and the Humane Society.

*I don’t generally like this word but I’ve used it because that’s the word the government uses and you know what I mean.


Top 10 links of the week! A breezy ride through veganism!  »

[your animal viral video of the week! I don’t understand what’s going on. Where is this? Is this like a private dolphin?]

I can tell you guys have big things to worry about but if you have time to care about the seal hunt, you should keep an eye on the Humane Society’s “Live from the Ice” reporting.

Yo, did you know there’s a debate about whether or not it’s ethical for vegans and vegetarians to eat mock meat? Me neither! This Dish is Veg has a post about it, read it and tell me what you think.

Some 20-year-old killed a cat to perfect her outfit for a Lady Gaga show. I don’t want to talk about it.

Treehugger has good news about the gorilla population in the Congo! Gorillas are just amazing. Like, you can’t not be amazed when you look at them. Plus, they’re nearly vegan (I hear sometimes they eat bugs)! They don’t eat cows and they still manage to be all strong and diesel.

If you didn’t get enough Laura this week, check out The Week in Vegan. She mentions Shakira, who rules. I’m sold. Read it and comment!

News gets cute this week: “Research shows that man’s best friend categorizes people as generous or mean by keeping tabs on how they treat others.” That’s how everyone’s dog knows YOU’RE the softy! Read all about it at the Daily Mail.

Michael Vick continues to be a douche.

Read Ricky Gervais’ letter calling for the director of NIH to help 14 chimpanzees that have been sent to a research facility in Texas. Ricky Gervais is just the man. I don’t know what he could do to make me like him more but I think it would involve free vegan cinnamon rolls. Or roller-skates.

Wolves can’t catch a break. Groups are in the process of trying to de-list wolves as an endangered species in the Great Lakes area. The New York Times has the story. I’m getting fucking sick of this. It’s like, you almost wipe out a species and then after hard work, the species begins to flourish and then you want to kill them again. WTF?

Friends of Animals has a brief update on the wolf de-listing rider in the budget proposal. It’s on it’s way to the prez! Fucking awesome!

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