Forks Over Knives does it again: Kristen Bell goes vegan!  »

Wow, how ridiculous have women’s magazine covers gotten? For goodness’ sake! It’s all “sex, money, and a tight ass!” When we know it should be “sex, money, and vegan lasagna!” #priorities 

I love you, Forks Over Knives! You’ve turned my favorite star vegan! As if Kristen Bell’s sloth encounter video wasn’t great enough, now she is ditching animal byproducts! Dang, I love her! Women’s Health had an interview with Kristen Bell where she dished about her recent conversion to veganism (“dish” is magazine talk):

Leave it to two actors to let a movie change their lives. This documentary, which investigates the relationship between animal-based and processed foods and degenerative diseases, was the catalyst for turning Kristen (a vegetarian since age 11) and Dax (a carnivore) into vegans this past January. “It’s more about the health benefits than the ethics,” she concedes. “But it’s compounded by the fact that I love animals and feel better not eating them.”

Well, maybe she will get a little more educated and take a more ethical stand. But I’ll tell you: I’m still so excited! Dudes, sorry to geek-out on you, but I love Kristen Bell like whoa! Because Veronica Mars is my favorite thing ever. Shut up, it’s the best.

And her man Dax is going vegan too! I’m not afraid to admit that I like him as well. He’s endearing. And I’ll venture to guess he wasn’t actually a “carnivore,” as Women’s Health claims. I’m super glad a “health” magazine doesn’t know the difference between carnivore and omnivore! Now, tell me all about your Easy Abs Diet!

I leave you with this quote of particular relevance to us Vegansaurs: "I have a potty mouth. I’m not afraid to drop an F-bomb. I can love organic tomatoes and swearing—the two aren’t mutually exclusive." Truer words, Bell, truer words.

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