Animal testing or killing children: fun with false dilemmas!  »

Reader Anne M. sent us this amazing billboard she encountered. That sure is something! There are so many reasons I love this ad! Where to begin? Let’s not even address the many shortcomings and inaccuracies of animal testing; let’s just talk about slapping kids on ads and screaming, “WHAT ABOUT THE BABIES?!” That is precisely what I love so much about pro-life advertising. Nothing like a close-up photo of a kid’s face to prove your point! It’s like, evidence is cool BUT WHAT ABOUT THE BABIES?! Because really, what about the babies? Am I right?

But the best thing about this ad is that it makes up this bullshit dilemma for you—lots of times you have to make up your own bullshit dilemmas, but they’ve got this one all done for you. You either test on animals or you let children die. Nice and simple! But wait guys, bad news: If you ventured to think, you might look into the many modern alternatives to animal testing that exist and by golly, now it seems like it doesn’t boil down to torturing animals or letting children die!

Man! Options are the worst. So just for you guys, I made a new ad! It’s more up my alley and I hope you’ll enjoy it too:
The awesome “RAT-HER” wordplay is lost a bit but the cell could very well be from a female so maybe “HER” is still in order.

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