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Yes, chickens in motherloving sweaters! Of course it’s in the UK so they call them “jumpers” because the Brits are a culturally rich and adorable people. Sorry to pair this cute picture with a downer but this goes in the bittersweet category as they are retired battery hens; due to the horrible conditions they lived in before, they have lost lots of their feathers and now they need sweaters just to keep warm. But look at that picture! Those chickens RULE. OK, OK, that’s it! I can’t take it anymore! I think I need a purse hen. Am I allowed to have a purse hen? What?! Can I live?!

Little Hen Rescue, the organization behind this effort, is dedicated to “working with the farmers to retire these working girls into a wonderful free-range life.” They rescue and rehome these sweet but neglected hens, and now with the help of Monkton Elm Garden and Pet Centre (“centre,” adorable!), they are improving the chickens’ lives a little bit more with these handsome sweaters.

Guess what everybody?! YOU TOO can make hen jumpers for Little Hen Rescue! You can get the knitting pattern from the Monkton Elm site. Also, the Little Hen site has a fleece version for those of us who find knitting terrifically boring.

[Image from Monkton Elm website]

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