Martha Stewart is doing a vegan episode! My heart explodes!  »

I love Martha Stewart like whoa, so I’m feeling a little overwhelmed since I heard she’s doing a vegan episode. I’m tearing up! I’ve loved her since I was little; I would read her magazine every month and make crazy desserts for my family. Nowadays, she has plenty of vegan recipes on her site! Including vegan Worcestershire sauce! You should make this so we can make vegan Chex mix! Chex mix RULES. I have had a fondness for Worcestershire sauce ever since I was little because there was this great episode of Scooby Doo where the running joke was that he couldn’t pronounce “Worcestershire.” Hilarious! Except now I have no idea how to pronounce it either. Thanks, Scooby!

That’s all very interesting but GUESS WHAT! You can get tickets for the Martha Stewart vegan episode! It’s filmed in New York but I think you SFers should fly over for it! I promise if you do, we can totally get brunch—mimosas on me! I’m not sure which day but it’s going to be filmed this month. I’ve already requested my tickets! WHAT IF I MEET MARTHA STEWART?! OMJESUS I WILL DIE AND GO TO HEAVEN!

Meanwhile, make me this crazy vegan banana tart thing!

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