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Ccute animal video of the week is interrupted to bring you Ron Swanson being a dick about veggie bacon because it makes us lol. I know, vegan bacon can be realllllly good but this is still major lolz. Love that Ron Swanson! This video is crappy quality so go watch a nice version(and some more awesome Parks & Rec funny food-talking footage at Eater!]

First up: Cute Roulette! No explanation necessary. Except that last little bit about not needing an explanation. And that bit. This joke is THE BEST!

World Food Programme had a cool article, Rising Food Prices: 10 Questions Answered. Basically, it’s 10 questions about rising food prices answered. They take the topic of rising food prices, and then answer 10 questions about it.

The Washington Post (ever heard of it?) had a nice piece this week: Five Myths About Vegans by Carol J. Adams. My friend Leah linked it on her Facebook like, “a nice thing to see in the Post" and all her Facebook friends were like, "wah wah wah! Vegans are so hard to please!" And I’m like, "I was JUST as hard to please when I ate brie, bitch."

The Awl has a nice interview with the founder of Babycakes. The message is: QUIT YOUR JOB GET RICH. Also: is there a Babycakes in SF’s future?

Interesting topic from One Green Planet: Fiction Novels with AR themes. Pish, like I need another person pushing books down my throat! Leave me alone, dad!

Apparently there’s a hawk Lothario living above the city of Manhattan. This Dish is Veg has the story, and an adorable story it is. Until you’re walking down the street and BAM! Pigeon head falls out of the sky! That’s not part of the story but it happens.

¬†Gothamist stepped up their game a bit and did a nice lil’ PSA for Farm Sanctuary! Don’t buy bunnies and duckies for Easter. It’s uncool, brah. Jesus is not down with that.

Here’s my discussion topic of the week: AOL thinks PETA’s naked chick policy is doing a bang-up job! Is this dude on crack or does he make good points?

OK here’s my secondary discussion topic of the week: Defenders of Wildlife thinks Obama totally did a disservice to all all the animals that were affected by the Gulf oil spill by ignoring them in his statement on the anniversary of the spill. What do you think?

Finally, check out THIS AWESOME HAMSTER MANSION over at Pawsome!

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