New vegan gelato coming to Whole Foods!  »

It’s called Genuto (cause it’s made with nuts GET IT) and I tried it at last weekend’s World Veg Fest in San Francisco and wrote about it (and an entire World Veg Fest breakdown, with awesome photography by my phone!) over at the wonderful Bay Area Bites. Go read it and learn about this delicious new vegan gelato that’s about to take over your life! It’ll be in Whole Foods and local natural grocery stores staring very soon. Like, in a month. Or less. Anyway: Learn lt, love it, live it. 


San Francisco’s World Veg Fest is THIS WEEKEND. Let’s party!  »

This is basically copied from my post at SF Weekly but TIME IS MONEY and we’ve got a very big announcement in just a minute(ish) so deal with it! Okay so, the 12th Annual World Vegetarian Festival at the San Francisco County Fair Building on THIS Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 1 & 2, 10 a.m.-6 p.m. It’s $8 suggested donation, but free if you’re a student/senior/have any disabilities, were born on a Tuesday, etc. 

Gather round, ye hippies and bleeding hearts, it’s time for the World Vegetarian Fest! Actually, it’s also for people who like to gorge themselves on deliciousness, because there will be samples galore, including OCD’s Caramel ‘Not’ Corn, the official treat selection of the Academy Awards. Yes, you too can dine on the same thing that George Clooney will be stuffing into his gorgeous maw. And you can do it months and months before that asshole. You’re the real winner! Also, we LOVE OCD Sweets and with one taste, you will, too. AND we have a very exciting announcement that may or may not involve one of us (me) attending an enormous awards show (the motherfucking oscars) with the lovely Melodi of OCD Sweets as her bodyguard/vegan press. I will interview and make love on so many famous people, I’ll probably be arrested. So excited!

Now, please stare at some of OCD’s Caramel ‘Not’ Corn (MADE WITH MARSHMALLOWS AND INDIA PALE ALE) and imagine how much of it you’ll be stuffing down your gullet this weekend:

[Picture by the lovely and talented Tamara Palmer!


Guest post: The first-ever San Francisco vegan fashion show!  »

When I became a vegan, a list of “projects” arose for me. Looking at my life as different projects makes challenges feel more manageable and gives me an excuse to do Cher’s squeal from Clueless—“Ooh, project!”

There was the “Find a Vegan Cheese” project; the “Find a Cruelty-Free Body Product” project and—being obsessed with fashion—the “Create a Vegan Wardrobe” project.

I gotta tell ya, as much as I enjoy researching my favorite labels for the 3 percent of their merchandise that’s vegan, it’s still a daunting task. So when a clothing or footwear line comes along that is ENTIRELY vegan, I am beyond happy. And when a vegan fashion show arises to showcase the efforts of vegan designers and entrepreneurs, you don’t just sit by. These designers not only have the challenge of researching and acquiring legitimately vegan and ethically-produced materials, but also of becoming profitable in an industry that has mostly no regard for animal suffering. So you go to the show. You go, and you support them.

San Francisco’s first-ever vegan fashion show (Canada’s ahead of us on this one)  happened last Saturday, as part of the 11th Annual World Veg Fest. Karine Brighten organized the show pro bono; a planner of eco- and animal-friendly events for places like Farm Sanctuary, Nature’s Express, and Cinnaholic, she’s also vegan. The audience packed the auditorium to see the lovely vegan models walking the show in cruelty-free clothing, accessories, and footwear. Rory Freedman of Skinny Bitch emceed the event.

Six vegan labels showed: Mission Savvy provided pieces from various designers split into five collections that each benefit different animal welfare causes. Five percent of proceeds are donated to related organizations. Cri de Cœur had footwear made with animal-free, eco-friendly materials and without toxic PVC or vinyl. Vaute Couture brought animal-free, classic and trend-conscious outerwear, tees, and sweatshirts made of high-performance, recycled, recyclable, upcycled, closed-loop, zero-waste fabrics and deadstock, and vegetable ivory buttons. Melie Blanco supplied affordable but luxurious faux-leather handbags. Reco Jeans brought their recycled high-end denim. Lion’s Share Industries had eco-friendly T-shirts adorned with vegan-artist-commissioned graphics. Pansy Maiden provided handmade handbags of animal-free, fair-trade, plant-dyed, organic, reclaimed/vintage fabrics and animal-derivative-free glue.

One of the brilliant aspects of the show was splitting the event into sections to highlight each line, including a description. This was a nice way to educate the audience, many of whom may not have known much about these particular designers or the vegan movement in the fashion industry in general.

From a purely design perspective, I had mixed feelings about the pieces—just like how I would feel at any fashion show! Because I’m not a hater, here are the items that I loved and with which I would now like to fill my closet:

 1. The adorable “Upcycled Indigo Windbreaker” from Vaute Couture (made with the remnants of another Vaute coat’s lining), with an elasticized empire waist, oversized gathered collar, and bubble hem. [Ed.: LAURA WANTS ONE VERY BADLY];
The edgy “Stella Cutout Cage Wedge”, which wraps the feet in bars of faux patent leather;
A cropped black blazer with gold trim from Mission Savvy.

As for the venue, I think Veg Fest was a perfect place to have the first show, because it was the most visible way to promote it to the vegan community. For future shows—and according to Rory Freedman, there will be one next year—I’d love to see a more luxe location, one that can house an show focused on style in a way that lives up to the pieces being showcased. A night spot, a gallery, a loft…. The auditorium at the County Fair Building kinda screams “I also did my high school play here.”

Still, that a vegan fashion show even happened, that there is a fashion community that cares enough about animal rights and environmental welfare to put a show like this together speaks volumes about how far veganism has come. Seeing a group of designers and entrepreneurs who have navigated their way to success while sticking to their ethics is beyond inspirational. Here’s hoping that their efforts will not only inspire current designers to rethink their practices, but that they will ignite something in a new set of vegan artists and visionaries who may look at a pair of shoes at Saks and think “if only…”

 Check out more photos, including behind-the-scenes shots, here.

This is Vi Zahajszky’s second post for Vegansaurus (you can see her first here!). Vi left her motherland of Hungary as a child and has spent most of her life in Boston and New York. Two years ago she drove across the country to San Francisco with husband Chris Carlozzi and a rescue pup named The Bandit. Here, among other things, she’s studying fashion design and pattern-making, and has plans to develop a vegan clothing line. Also, she’s enjoying no blizzards. Photo enhancing by Chris Carlozzi.


Calling vegan designers, models, and photographers: San Francisco’s first vegan fashion show hits the runway this October!  »

I think that about says it all! Well, here’s a bit more info if you’re the curious type. If you think you fit the bill, contact event organizer, Karine Brighten. The event will take place at World Veg Festival in Golden Gate Park on October 2 and is emceed by a Skinny Bitch. Fun! Get on it, folks!


10th Annual World Veg Festival!  »


This is Laura. I am back from the edge. I mean, I literally almost threw myself off a cliff because I’ve been SO FUCKING SICK AND ALL I WANT TO DO IS DIE. AND EAT. I don’t know what’s up with that? Why can’t I be like a fucking normal person and not want to gorge myself when I’m sick?? I swear, I might have a glandular disorder. Only cure? MORE FOOD! Okay so. This weekend, it’s the 10th Annual World Veg Fest in San Francisco. It’s co-sponsored by the extra-awesome VegNews magazine, and our friends at Sugar Beat Sweets will be on the scene with mad vegan treats and so I think that’s reason enough to go, right? If not, tons of awesome speakers (and um, not so awesome speakers but I’m a total player hater. I WILL JUST SAY THIS: Please stop having totally irrelevant octogenarians babbling crazy talk at these things. Vegans already look crazytown enough and then we have to compete with that? It’s enough to make me start gnawing on my own arm BECAUSE THEN I’LL LOOK AS BATSHIT AS MOST PEOPLE THINK VEGANS ARE. In other news, I’m starving.)

I definitely won’t be missing Howard Lyman because he’s the total shit (READ THIS) and he’s all super nice in a grandpa type-way and you’re not sure if he’s hitting on you or just being super nice but really he’s just being super nice and you have a weirdly inflated sense of how good looking you are. Also, maybe he’s hitting on you. Mystery! Intrigue! Suspense! It can all be yours this weekend for only $6 suggested donation at the door!

Also, there is reportedly going to be vegan speed dating happening as well. So just in case Howard Lyman is totally on the level, you can go get your creepy vibe fix in there. Shudder. OR MAYBE YOU’LL FIND TRUE LOVE WHO KNOWS I MET MY BOYFRIEND ONLINE ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE ME OKAY?

(Now accepting requests for relationship advice!)

I will note that Broke-Ass Stuart hella scooped us on this BUT I’M SICK SO WHATEVER.

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